Sour taste for bad drivers

Discussion in 'Bizarre and Off-Beat News' started by Casshew, Sep 26, 2005.

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    Schoolchildren are to dish out lemons to bad drivers in a new crackdown on dangerous driving in Hungary. The children will go on patrol with traffic police and hand out fruit to drivers pulled up by officers.

    While bad drivers will be rewarded with a sour taste in their mouths, good drivers will be greeted with an apple during the month long drive.

    The campaign is to be launched in the country's fruit growing region of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg, reports News agency MTI.

    Police spokesman Gergely Fulop said: "A penalty coming from a kid for breaking rules generates a stronger feeling of guilt among adults than a simple fine."
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    That sounds boring! The kids should be able to pelt the bad drivers with the lemons!

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