Spanish football center spends ad budget to house tripped dad

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    The refugee dad carrying his seven-year-old son, who was tripped by Hungarian camerawoman Petra Laszko, has found a new home in Spain.

    The club's spent its entire advertizing budget to bring Mr Mohsen and seven-year-old Zaid to Spain. Despite the far-better welfare benefits available to him in Munich, Germany, where he'd initially been offered refuge, Mr Mohsen chose to take up the offer from financially hard-pressed Spain as it also comes with the offer of a job, once he's trained.

    Little Zaid is now fine, although dad says he was terrified after reporter Petra Lazsko caused them to plunge to the floor while running, and Hungarian police demanded his and the little boy's fingerprints after the attack.

    Much happier photo of little Zaid arriving in Spain at the link. Bet he'll do well there. :)
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