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Discussion in 'Haleigh Cummings' started by Kimster, Jan 21, 2010.

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    On behalf of the members of Websleuths, we invite all of our guests to join in the discussion with us!
    We also have a wonderful forum in our Scanner Chatter area that is for members only!
    Register today and jump right in!!!

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    ~*~*~Here's a helpful guide for our guests and our new members~*~*~​

    Websleuths Lingo:

    LE= Law Enforcement
    POI= Person Of Interest
    COD= Cause Of Death
    TOD= Time OF Death
    ITA= I Totally Agree
    POS= Piece of ***** (Reserved for a known perp, suspect, or POI)
    IIRC= If I Recall Correctly
    FWIW= For What Its Worth
    COB= POS The story behind this is on the Jessie Davis case, someone meant to type COP in reference to Bobby Cutts, Jr. and it came out COB. We called him that for the rest of the case and now it had become synonymous with POS.
    OT= Off Topic
    WTH= What The Hell? (Usually reserved for frustration in understanding what is taking place within a certain situation...such as in this case. I see it a lot when discussing Casey Anthony.)
    GMAB= Give Me A Break
    KWIM = Know What I Mean

    (Note: This is a portion of the guide to our lingo here. Once you are a member, you can view the whole thread ---> Websleuths Lingo)

    A short list of initials used in Haleigh's forum:

    MC - Misty Croslin Cummings
    RC - Ron Cummings
    CS - Crystal Sheffield
    GGS - Annette Sykes
    TN - Teresa Neves
    ToC - Tommy Croslin
    TiC - Timmy Croslin
    HC - Hank Croslin Sr.
    LC - Lisa Croslin
    MH - mobile home
    PCSO - Putnam County Sheriff's Office
    LP - Leonard Padilla
    AH - Art Harris
    NG - Nancy Grace
    JVM - Jane Velez Mitchell

    Current Members: Please link this thread to any new members you meet! :grouphug:

    ETA: Many thanks to SoSueMe for initiating the idea for this post! :blowkiss:
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    TOS is our first guideline at all times: COPYRIGHT & TOS information here - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Here's the place for 2010 updates for Haleigh's forum: Important messages for 2010 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    These are the common challenges we have on this forum. Please note that all posters are responsible for knowing these rules:

    - Off Topic posts not allowed. If you are welcoming a new member or saying a quick comment, that is fine. If it turns into a completely different topic, then we have a problem. Be careful if you want to delve into an Off Topic post as you can end up on a Time Out.

    - No name calling and/or bashing of players or media representatives or anyone else. Complain about NG here: Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community (It is okay to disagree with information on NG's show. It is NOT okay to complain about how she runs her show. Posts of this nature take over the thread and that is why it is not allowed).

    - Link to BNN for videos/audios only. BNN = Blogger News Network

    - If you name a player, be sure you have a link available to show they have been mentioned in the main stream media. Use initials for unnamed players and do no sleuth them. :nono:

    - No rumors. Base your theories on a fact that has been released

    - Joe Overstreet is NOT a RSO

    - Before linking to a blog please ask a mod.

    - Use your alert button if you have a problem with someone's post. The mods do NOT read every post. The alert button is the little red triangle on the top right of each post. They are rec'd by each moderator of THIS forum and all administrators.

    Also, we have a Haleigh mini-forum with more information here: STICKIES - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Websleuths forum owner is Tricia.
    Haleigh's forum administrator is Chicoliving, moderator is Kimster and our mini-mod is Grandmaj. Please feel free to PM any of us if you need help! That's why we are here! We will get back to you as soon as possible. :grouphug:
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    I have to preface this post with a caution to the poster. A scant few facts have been verified, and any summary will comprise a compilation of unverified information from a variety of sources.

    Fall 2008-February 9, 2009

    Ronald Cummings, 25, resides in a mobile home at 202 Green Lane, Satsuma, FL in Putnam County. Ronald is employed by PDM, a bridge manufacturing company. Other residents in the MH include his two children, three year-old Ronald, Jr.(aka Jr. and Butterbean) and five year-old Haleigh. Ron is the custodial parent. Their mother, Crystal Sheffield, resides in Baker County. The fourth resident of the mobile home is Misty Croslin, Ron's 17 year-old live-in girlfriend.

    February 6-8, 2009

    A serious argument ensues between Ron and Misty. Ron puts Misty out on the street and she spends the rest of the weekend drinking and drugging with friends NayNay, Amber and White Boy Greg. She and WBG also engage in sexual activity. Meanwhile, Misty's father, Hank Croslin, Sr., is being treated in a Jacksonville hospital for injuries to his legs he suffered in a recent traffic accident.

    February 9, 2009

    The details of this day are very sketchy and the players' stories vary, but I'll try to relay the most often reported version. At some point on Sunday, Ron and Misty reconcile. On Monday morning, Haleigh either spills something on her clothes and has to change them; or Haleigh wants to wear an outfit that is at her grandmother's house across town. At any rate, there is a scramble to get Haleigh to school on time.

    Who actually picked her up from the bus stop after school is also in question. Misty claims that Ron picked her up while she stayed home with Jr. Witnesses claim to have seen Misty at the bus stop in her brother's van. According to Misty, Ron brought Haleigh home, kissed her and the kids, and left for work. Later, her brother Tommy came by with his kids, and around 5:00 p.m. "the A/C man" arrived to service the air conditioning unit. She was on the phone with Ron and handed the phone over to the A/C man.

    As Misty's account continues, she prepared dinner, which the kids ate on the porch. (Ron's grandmother, Annette Sykes, claims that the children greeted her with hugs and kisses when she stopped by around 7:00 to drop off clean clothes for the kids, and all was well.) The children watched videos and were put to bed by 8:00. Misty noticed that Haleigh's blanket smelled of urine, so she covered Haleigh with a sheet and washed the blanket. (Lots of confusion about blankets) She herself went to bed about 10:00. Around 3:00 a.m. she awoke to use the bathroom and noticed the kitchen light was on. She went to the kitchen to investigate and discovered the back door wide open, the screen door held open with a brick. She then returned to bedroom to get her cell phone and realized Haleigh was not on the mattress next to Ron and Misty's bed where she had been sleeping. At about the same time, Ron arrived home from work and claims to have seen Misty standing in the doorway. She relays the events, and he instructs her to call 911.

    There are unverified reports that between 20 and 90 phone calls from Ron to Misty went unanswered that night. The timeline of those calls is unknown, nor do we know how many calls were answered. It has also been said that Ron and Misty argued by phone that evening around 7:00-8:00. When questioned in August while in jail on a gun theft charge, Tommy told LE that Ron called him at approximately 9:00 to inquire about Misty's whereabouts, and that at around 10:00 he went to the MH and knocked loudly but no one answered. The trailer was in the dark and he concluded that Misty was not there. He recanted that statement last month, according to his attorney, claiming that he felt pressured to tell LE something so they'd release him.

    A few facts:

    • One month later Ron proposed to Misty, and on March 12, 2009, the two were married.

    • Law enforcement has always maintained that Misty is "the key".
    • Misty has undergone three lie detector examinations, a leveled voice analysis, and an analysis of her statements under hypnosis. All five tests have shown deception regarding the events surrounding Haleigh's disappearance.
    • On January 20, 2010, Ron, Misty, Misty's brother Tommy, Ron's cousin Hope, and a woman who inserted herself into the case six months after the fact, Donna Brock, were arrested for drug trafficking as a result of an undercover sting operation. All five remain incarcerated.
    • Misty, and Tommy have implicated each other and their cousin Joe, a Tennesse resident who was visiting the Croslins in Florida when Haleigh disappeared. Tommy failed a LDT in March of this year.
    • To date, the only indication of what might've happened to Haleigh to come from LE is their assertion that it was not a stranger abduction and their recent disclosure that they are now conducting a homicide investigation.
    Okay, that's the best I can do in a moment. LOL Anyone care to continue? The poster might also want to consult the Haleigh calendar here at Websleuths. Links to the 911 call and subsequent events are available there for perusal.

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    Just an FYI. :)
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