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Jun 3, 2004
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I know for sure who the members were that were targeted, and IIRC it was DomC's e-mails to Cindy on one occasion, maybe another occasion in a doc dump, where posts from those members were used to dissect our theories and sorta bash. Another member was brought up by CA early on....and we all were collectively referred to as "losers" by TraceyM. Wonder if Tracey knew at the time that her employer is a member?
That's right!:doh: Does she consider Tony P. a loser because he posted here???


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Apr 9, 2008
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Yeah I was subpoenaed about a month ago I guess by the prosecution team.
Sorry, that you're still part of this nightmare. I really hope that you're doing ok and have been able to live a fairly normal life.
Good luck!


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Apr 28, 2005
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Hey guys. Was just wondering if anyone saw the special on TLC about Casey Anthony. I didnt see it but I am imagining alot of you did. My girlfriend was channel surfing and said she caught the tail end of some comments about my apartment (218 in Sawgrass). Id like to know what was mentioned on there because according to her it seemed like they were portraying that Casey spent alot of time at my apt. Just want to clear things up.

About a week ago here in southern California, TLC had an older "48 Hours" on that was on the Casey Anthony case. I think it's the one that was done in 2009, but it was updated just a little. When they showed Brad Conway they referred to him as "the Anthony's former attorney" instead of "the Anthony's attorney."

I think this may be what your girlfriend saw.