Sports illustrated Model Arrested On Flight For Violent Behavior

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    Model May Anderson was arrested and charged with Simple Battery, Resisting Arrest Without Violence and Disorderly Intoxication during a flight from Amsterdam yesterday.

    According to officials, Anderson became belligerent and violent, striking one of the flight attendants. Apparently she was loud and disruptive through the entire flight en route to Miami International Airport.

    Upon landing, the Miami-Dade Airport Police met the flight hoping to escort Ms. Anderson off the aircraft safely. This was not the case. The subject continued with her aggressive behavior and refused to comply with the officersÂ’ instructions.

    Anderson was taken into custody and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital were she was examined for possible alcohol or substance abuse. Once released, Anderson was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Facility where she remains on an immigration hold.

    news story and photos
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    I read this also, I would put money that it was not "happensatance" that they took her to hospital for drug and booze test and/or treatment.

    She even looked "stunning" in her booking photo.......most people look like heck, but oh no, she looked every part the model........

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