Match! Stanford, Chester Age: 61; 96-4039 VN; DOB: 8/6/1934; died 1996

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    case number:96-4039 VN

    Last Known Residence:
    1471 S. Riverside Ave. , Rialto , 5 92376
    Place of Death / Date Discovered / Place of Birth | State:
    Place of Death: Rialto, CA | Start/End Date: 7/14/1996 7/14/1996 | Place of Birth: Unknown

    Comments: Children reportedly live in Eastern States - names and locations unknown by friend

    Also Known As: Clifford Stanford
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    Here is a family tree for Mr. Stanford

    It looks like it was made by a close relative but the owner of the tree has not signed in for four months.

    If someone wants to try and contact the owner? I will continue to search and try to find relatives.

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