Startling number of MP in Knoxville, TN

Discussion in 'Missing Persons Discussion' started by sluethermac, Mar 19, 2019.

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    Since Jan 1, 2014, over a 5 year span, 86 people have gone missing in Knoxville, TN alone.
    Knoxville has a population of 187,000 people and is the 131 most populous city.

    The statistics are alarming, after comparing the number of MP to other states and cities this is what I've came up with:

    Female age 14-17 had the most of all age ranges

    Since 2019, Knoxville has more MP than all top 3 largest cities
    • Los Angeles
    • Chicago
    • NYC

    (5 year span)Knoxville has more missing people than 5 of the 10 most populated states:
    • Illinois
    • Ohio
    • New Jersey
    • Georgia
    • North Carolina
    (5 Year span)Knoxville has more missing people than all top 5 biggest cities:
    • New York City
    • Los Angeles
    • Chicago
    • Philadelphia
    • Houston
    Save you the math, you're more likely to go missing from Knoxville than NYC!

    Now, this is all from NamUs, there's plenty more cases local and state LE withhold from the public, however, the number of missing people in this small city shouldn't be ignored.

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    Those are quite alarming numbers.
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