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    Steganography is about message hiding. People can hide messages in both text and graphics. Unlike cryptography, the written text looks normal upon first glance. Steganography is commonly used in prison communications when the imprisoned wants to send a note to someone on the outside without prison officials catching wind of it.

    In the computer age, it may be used for everything from communication between terrorist cells to communication between traffickers ... and... since these tools have long been widely available, it may also be used by your average joe.

    In the context of websleuthing, this is where such tools might come in handy. After all, sometimes average joe can end up as a POI in high-profile criminal case.

    Following are some tools for deciphering those hidden messages.
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    Are there programs that can detect this type of language pattern when it's used to cover a hidden message? It seems that while the sentences are grammatically correct that they would seem very incongruent in the context of the rest of a message and a complex program could still catch the fact that it's being used even if it can't detect exactly what the hidden message is. Do you know?

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