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Steven Avery Jury Trial Day 24 - 03.15.2007

Discussion in 'Steven Avery Jury Trial Transcripts' started by bessie, Jan 19, 2016.

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    Steven Avery Jury Trial Day 24

    15 March 2007
    150 pages

    • Closing Arguments - Attorney Dean Strang
    • Rebuttal Arguments - Attorney Kenneth Krantz
    • Final Instructions
    • Alternate Juror
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    Then Prosecutor Kratz proceeds situation-by-circumstance to blow a massive, firey hole in the defense's theory of planting evidence. His final pages of righteous indignation and contempt for those who would try to fool [the jury] with their "disengenuous" arguments is fascinating rhetoric. It ends with a demand for an apology from the defense for its closing argument:
    It is a rebuttal that everyone should read (ppg. 54 - 117). It's good stuff, and he hammers away at the defense's arguments point by point.

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