'Steven Seagal wrecked my house'

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    A Berlin woman is suing actor Steven Seagal because she says he wrecked her home.

    The woman regularly lets her villa in the city's prestigious Zehlendorf district to celebrities.

    Seagal lived in the house on Lake Wannsee for three months while filming Half Past Dead in 2001.

    But the owner says the star left the house badly damaged and has launched a claim for damages.

    She claims the wooden and stone floors were heavily scratched, maybe from setting up workout machines.

    The list of complaints to be dealt with by the Superior Court of Justice also contains damages to door frames, a soiled couch and stained seat cushions.

    The owner of the house claims it cost £27,000 to restore the wooden floors and is demanding a total of £115,000 in damages.

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