Stop!t: An App for Kids to Report Cyberbullies

Discussion in 'Resources to Help Stop Bullying!' started by imamaze, Mar 6, 2015.

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    Stop!t: An App for kids to report Cyberbullies

    Internet penetration has eased our lives a lot: everything is just a click away and so are the cybercrimes. None is spared, executives, professionals, government officials, laymen and even kids.

    Apparently, the younger generation is more tech savvy and spends more time with gadgets, making them more vulnerable to cybercrimes; cyberbullying being one of them. STOP!T, a New Jersey-based cyber-abuse software and services solutions provider, has designed an app to anonymously report inappropriate social media taunts or disturbing messages. The app is “simple, fast and powerful cyberbullying solution.”
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