Store owner: Suicide display 'amusing way to attract attention'

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    WELLINGTON -- A video store owner said she has no plans to change a controversial storefront window display that is designed to look like a suicide by hanging.

    Following a flurry of media attention, and some complaints, Special Effects owner Chris Goran said she won't take down the macabre scene until the next scheduled display is ready to go up.

    A week ago, a local artist set up the display in the window of the store at West Herrick Avenue and North Main Street that doubles as a printing shop. It shows legs dressed in trousers dangling behind a curtain at the top of the window, with a stool tipped over beneath the feet.

    Beer cans and a liquor bottle are strewn around the floor and on a table, where two pieces of paper are propped up side-by-side, one scrawled in pencil on paper torn from a spiral notebook, saying good-bye to a ''cruel stupid ugly world,'' the other eloquently and poetically written, printed on heavy-stock, gold-trimmed paper.

    ''Contemplating suicide?'' a sign asks. ''Let Special Effects give your suicide note that professional look!''

    Goran said the display was meant as ''an amusing way to attract attention'' to her store's ability to do more than just rent movies, specifically their printing capabilities, which offer customers business cards, wedding invitations and brochures.

    But it's causing a stir among residents in Wellington, with some calling it offensive and in poor taste.

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