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Discussion in 'Texas Killing Fields and Mysteries Along I-45' started by PATX, Apr 28, 2017.

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    I grew up on the Texas/Louisiana but I lived in Southeast Houston from 1990-1996 when I graduated high school. I spent the next four years in Huntsville (at the college, not the prison). I remember the "high profile" cases from the 90s like Smither and Cain. Cain always had a special spot in my heart because she was set to attend Sam Houston State, just like me. I'm so glad they found her, finally, after almost twenty years.

    I became a firefighter and then a police officer and detective (see verified member list), and lived around the area up until the present day. I'm medically retired now after an on duty injury and I teach history and criminal justice part time for various community colleges. Needing something to do with my extra time and to keep my mind engaged, I've begun to look into all of the cases connected with I-45 from Galveston to Walker County. Even though I lived here during much of the 90s, there are so many cases that I had no idea about. Women gone missing. Bodies found. For whatever reason, the news fixated on some and not others.

    Looking at the photos of young women who were never found is tough. You know they are dead, but I can almost feel their fear coming through the computer screen. For so many of them, there is no voice demanding justice. It's terribly sad. All of them had their own lives and their own stories.

    I hope one day they all get the justice they deserve, though the rational part of me knows that it is unlikely.
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