Superheroes save Boy's Birthday

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    Mini golf was out, as was a party, but an east Cobb theater said yes to a big favor.

    Dan Peterson wanted to do something special for his son's 10th birthday Friday, and who could blame him?

    His son, Justin, had endured three years of chemotherapy, and then his leukemia returned last fall. A bone marrow transplant in February brightened his long-term prospects but left Dad in a quandary as the birthday approached.

    The boy's immune system is so weak that just being around other people leaves him vulnerable to infection. He doesn't go outside his Marietta house much, and when he does he has to wear a mask. That put a crimp in his parents' plans for his birthday.

    "Can we play miniature golf?" Justin asked as the big day approached.

    Too risky, doctors said.

    Could some friends drop by from Fellowship Christian School in Roswell?


    "Well what can we do?" he finally asked.

    Then his dad got an idea. Maybe — somehow — he could arrange for his son to see "Spider-Man 3."

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    I read this to my hub and just bursted out crying. What a wonderful theatre manager! Bless their hearts for doing this for this child.

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