Superior, Wis., football team allows autistic opponent to score TD

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    1 Oct 2010


    With about a minute remaining in last Friday’s game, and the outcome no longer in doubt, Menomonie coach Joe LaBuda called a timeout.

    LaBuda approached the referees, and then the Superior sideline, with a special request. He asked if it would be OK if one of his players could catch a pass, and if Superior’s players would take it easy on him when they were tackling him.

    The person to catch the ball was senior Sam Kolden, a special-needs player with autism who has been a member of the Menomonie football team for a number of years.

    Superior coach Bob DeMeyer heard LaBuda’s request, and did one better. He said letting Kolden get a catch was no problem — “but why we don’t just let him score?”

    LaBuda said that wasn’t necessary, but “everybody in that huddle knew what was the right thing to do,” DeMeyer said later. “That’s the kind of kids we have.”

    The Spartans allowed Kolden to catch a screen pass behind the line of scrimmage from quarterback James Nelson and run 66 yards for a touchdown, all while Superior players gave chase, diving at his feet while pretending to tackle him.

    The Menomonie sidelines went wild.

    much more at link

    This story made me cry.
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    Wow. Double-wow.

    Thank you so much for posting this. :)
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    Wow what a terrific thing to do......brought tears to my eyes....thank you for posting this

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