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    PARSIPPANY, N.J. (AP) — Victor Salazar went to the hospital with back pain and had an X-ray that raised questions about his diet, not his spine. When a doctor asked if he had eaten any bones, Salazar said no, forgetting about the soup he had the day before that included pieces of chicken feet.
    He left, but radiologists and the Morris County medical examiner wondered if the film showed bits of finger bones. A police investigation began.

    Newark homicide investigators went to Salazar's home in Newark on Thursday, and he agreed to have another X-ray at Morristown Memorial Hospital.

    Salazar also mentioned the soup he made Tuesday, made with a whole chicken. "That's my favorite food, you know," he said.

    So police took along some chicken from his kitchen and X-rayed the feet. Film comparisons confirmed Salazar's account.
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