Suspect has dancing interlude in LA car chase

Discussion in 'Bizarre and Off-Beat News' started by zwiebel, Aug 27, 2015.

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    A female suspect who led police on a wild car chase through Los Angeles stopped halfway through to perform an eyewatering wriggle dance in the middle of the road. Spike strips, red lights and traffic failed to stop her but a swarm of police officers eventually did.

    Unsurprisingly, officers believe she may have been under the influence.

    'Dance' video at link.
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    Hilarious, zweibel! Thanks for giving me a good laugh today! I wonder how mortified she will be when she sobers up or if she will just think she looks cool?!
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    I was just coming to report this! What an idiot!!!
    On Wednesday night, the suspect stopped her car and got out to shake it to Future’s “Where Ya At” featuring Drake. As sirens blared, a police helicopter shined its spotlight, and LAPD officers shouted warnings for the woman to put her hands in the air, she did exactly that, waving them like she didn’t care.
    After busting a move, she got back in the car to continue the chase. At that point, officers pulled her from the vehicle and swarmed her to the ground. Future continued to blare from the car stereo.

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