Swastikas in CA

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    This is not nearly "Up to the Minute"

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    Nazi Imagery on UC Irvine's Campus. Administration on Hate Speech: "One Person's Hate Speech is Another Person's Education".
    On Sunday, October 8th at 00:15 someone phoned in a complaint to the Irvine police department that went something like this: "hi, I was walking by the student housing at Vista Del Campo, and it appears that somebody has painted swastikas all over the building". Twenty days or so days later, we finally find out about this - apparently this isn't a big deal around these parts any more. The only reason we found out at all is because LAist linked to two articles in CampusJ about the issue. CampusJ is apparently some sort of Jewish Campus journalism outlet. We can't figure out more than that because the site has been knocked offline (a quick glance at Technorati leads us to blame Steven Weiss for this, but there could be others). We do know that CampusJ is not the official UCI campus outlet. For one thing, the UCI paper is called the New University. For another, the author of these articles - Reut Cohen - probably couldn't have written something like this for the New University. Some time last year the New University specifically asked Cohen to tone down her pro-Israel coverage because it was causing too much controversy (allegedly... that's what we heard at least). So they probably wouldn't let her publish something like this.

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