Swedish cops settle New York subway attack

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    Four vacationing Swedish police officers were on a Manhattan subway Wednesday, on their way to see Les Misérables and in desperate need of a beer, they said later. Suddenly, a frantic call for any police officers came over the train's intercom. No nationality was specified, so the Swedish officers responded.

    At the front of the train they found passengers fleeing in fear from a homeless man who was brutally attacking - apparently unprovoked - another. After a struggle, the Swedes restrained the attacker until NYPD officers arrived.

    When asked about Nordic heroism by media, Marcus Asberg, Samuel Kvarzell, Eric Jansberger and Erik Naslund were firm; they were more concerned about the victim and anyway, they were just tourists who'd only been in New York one day, they said.

    Lets hope they got their beers.


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    Video at link.

    The cops, who are named Eric, Marcus, Samuel and Erik but are somehow not members of a Europop boy band, were on board the train in Manhattan near the Bleecker stop at around 5 p.m. yesterday when they reportedly heard a train operator call for police assistance over the intercom.


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