Switched at birth babies - no compensation for families who won't switch back

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    Two couples whose babies were mixed up in hospital have been denied compensation because they don't want their real children back.

    Cesar and Maria Rodrigues, and Griselda and Gabriel Nunez both had boys in hospital in Concordia, Argentina, six years ago.

    Mrs Heras was suspicious that the boy, Angel, given to her was not her natural child and eventually uncovered the truth.

    Angel was really the son of the Rodrigues who were bring up the Heras boy, Soledad, as their own.

    But the couples decided they want to keep the children they were given as opposed to their natural ones.

    They still tried to sue the state for £50,000 compensation.

    But judges dismissed the case because the couples didn't want their natural sons back. Both couples said they will appeal.

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