Switzerland - Aidan Roche, 29, UK citizen, last seen on a Swiss mountain, Grindelwold, 22 June 2023


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Feb 14, 2020
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Aidan Roche has been named as the man reported missing after last being seen on a Swiss mountain.

The Middlesbrough man, who works as an offshore chemical engineer, left for a two-week solo holiday to Switzerland in June and went missing just two days before he was expected to be return to Teesside. He was last seen on June 22 on a mountain trail in the city of Grindelwald where he he had planned to go sightseeing and mountain climbing.

Aidan's friends and family have not heard from him since - something they have described as being 'unlike him'. Swiss authorities launched a police and mountain rescue search to find the 29-year-old after his disappearance was reported, however after a week of searching and 'exhausting every option' the search was put on pause.
Reading a few social media posts, looks like Aidan had a smart watch and was using the strava app when he he went missing. I think strava are saying it has to be synched to retrieve the important data of his last known location. His watch may have GPS, but his phone is inactive. The family could do with a bit of exposure as the costs of running private search operations is expensive and the offical searches for Aidan has stopped.
Interesting video, I would like to hear sound on it, it might pick up wether Aidan was actually speaking to the lady on the bench. Wether she knew Aidan or not, she needs to come forward. There’s a couple of people near the waterfall where Aidan filmed and another hiker in the distance on the trail towards the end of video. I see theres still some snow around and no doubt pockets of ice which make for tricky conditions if you are not prepared.
Anyone know how the family have got hold of Aidan‘s videos? My understanding is no camera or phone has been retrieved.
It’s certainly odd that Aidan‘s camper van was unlocked. When u go away in one they act as your house so u wud want to lock it wherever you are.
What is scary about this text?

“Hello, hello I should be in Grindelwald in about two hours. I'm still pretty high, I'll see you back at camp.” I assume he means he's still pretty high up on the mountain vs high on drugs?
The stranger he was to meet for a pint when he got down had his tooth brush???

Snipped from above...
...By 21:20, the unnamed friend messaged him saying “Did you climb the whole Eiger? I [am] going to sleep early. Your toothbrush is under the back tyre.”

Family of British hiker missing in Switzerland hope for ‘crazy survival story’​

Video has been released in appeal to find Aidan Roche, last in contact on 22 June from the Eiger

The family of a British hiker last seen on a Swiss mountain six weeks ago said they were hoping for a “crazy survival story” as they released the last video footage he had shared.



Aidan Roche's family appeals for woman in Swiss Alps video​

The family of a British hiker who went missing in the Swiss Alps six weeks ago are trying to find people seen in his last video.


In an appeal posted on TikTok, Mr Roche's friend Beth Taylor said he was "one of the most amazing people" she had ever met, adding: "Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him would say the same."

She said he had a distinctive tattoo on his arm reading "MAYASWELLMAYSENYA" and often played "blaring" music from a speaker in his backpack as he walked.

She said his family wants to find a woman seen sitting on a rock in a video filmed at 11:05 BST (12:05 Swiss time) on 22 June and five people near to a waterfall filmed at 11:36.

A still of a woman in a white shirt and black cap sitting on a rock eating
Image caption,
Aidan Roche's family want to find this woman filmed at 11:05 BST...

Grainy still of two people walking
Image caption,
...two people filmed near a waterfall...

Grainy shot of three people surrounded by rocks
Image caption,
...and three hikers captured at 11:36


Mr Roche's brother, Connor, previously told the BBC his sibling was an "adventurous" and experienced hiker who was part way through a two-week solo camping trip in Switzerland.
His van was found at a campsite in the days after he went missing.

His last picture was sent from about halfway down the Eiger Trail, a popular walking route, on the afternoon of 22 June.


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