Switzerland - Catherine Dugger, 25, Geneva, 12 July 1990

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    This case is about as cold as it gets.

    Catherine Ann Dugger, a newsroom intern at the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, age 25, took off for Europe on a whim in the summer of 1990. She was joined by about a dozen others on a group tour to the Montreux Jazz Festival that was organized and promoted by Orlando's prominent jazz station, WLOQ.

    Tragically, she never made it to the festival. She was last seen at the New Morning nightclub in Geneva on July 12, 1990. She stepped outside to the sidewalk at 2 a.m. That was the last her friends saw of her.

    Her body was found on July 22, 1990 in the icy waters of the Rhone River just outside of Geneva. If I'm remembering correctly, I believe the Swiss authorities said she was found nude from the waist down, and it was believed that she had been raped and strangled.

    Either one or both of her parents (can't remember) had to fly to Switzerland to make a positive identification of their daughter's body. A search this evening of the Sentinel's online archives shows that her parents' names were Atwell and Rosann Dugger, and at that time they lived in Raleigh, NC.

    Police were seeking a man who was seen flirting with her in the nightclub just prior to her disappearance. In September of 1990, the Sentinel published a follow-up story indicating that the parents were frustrated with Swiss red tape, and they didn't have much hope that their daughter's case would ever be solved.

    Seventeen years have come and gone. It is as if this girl has vanished into the mists of time. I was touched by this story when it came out because I was about the same age as this girl. She had her whole life ahead of her. But the Sentinel only ran a few stories at the time, and there wasn't much follow-up.

    To this day, if you Google the name "Catherine Dugger" you will get nothing on her.

    I realize that because this happened in Geneva, it may be difficult to follow up. But I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how more information could be obtained. Much moreso, I would love to see justice delivered to the monster who committed this crime against her, and stole her life and future away from her when she was so young. Thanks.
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