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Discussion in 'Darlie Routier' started by Paysee, May 17, 2013.

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    I first came across the Darlie Routier case some 10 years ago, about this innocent mother unfairly convicted of murdering her 2 sons by an incompetent and prejudiced police force. I felt sorry for this poor woman, but I didn't have the time to read more about the case, but it stuck in my mind.

    Now having much more time, I read the case transcripts and almost all of the threads in this forum here. While my brain came to the conclusion that Darlie Routier did indeed murder her children, my heart just could not accept any apparently loving mother could so brutally stab her children over and over and over again, until they were dead.

    I went to Youtube in search of the silly string video and came across this. An interview of Darlie Routier by Sylvia Chase.

    [ame=""]The trial of Darlie Routier - part 2 - YouTube[/ame]

    At 4:42:

    Sylvia Chase: Your husband's mother said to me, you said to her, wouldn't you want to see the person who did this die? Do you remember those words?

    Darlie Routier: I do, and I still feel that way today.

    SC: But if it is you that dies..

    <Pause lasting over a second here. Then Darlie shakes her head negatively)

    DR: I know the truth. I know what really happened. I know that somebody else did this. So, if I am put to death, I'll leave this world with a free conscience.

    What the eff does she know?
    Assuming, she is innocent does she know who killed her children?
    Who attacked her?
    What was the reason for the attacks?
    Why did the Rolwett PD target her?
    Why did the hospital staff dislike her so much that they set up a coordinated lie?

    Its a tiny moment, not of any real significance, but somehow it helped my heart understand her guilt :(

    I haven't seen this interview discussed here, so I thought I would bring it. I hope its ok.
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    Well yeah she's trying to make herself sound good. Darlie is a pathological liar so she can lie right in Chase's face and not be shook. She also wrote letters to all her family and friends from jail saying she knew who did it and it would all come out in court. But what came out was her being caught in her lies during cross examination.

    It's not like she's going to confess to Sylvia Chase. If I were Sylvia Chase, I'd have asked her some hard questions with the trial transcripts in my hand to back it up.

    Paysee, the blood evidence is enough to convince me that Darlie murdered her two boys, her jailhouse interviews notwithstanding.

    She's a drama queen playing to the cameras.

    This is an excellent series on YouTube on this case. It's long but very well worth watching, Paysee.
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    Thanks for this link.

    I watched all 12. Then I found some more. I was not familiar with the case, but I find it odd that TruTV and Courttv bothered to do shows saying this case needs to be looked into. Along with a few others. Your link led me to it. It is good that it is being looked into. There were many flaws from the old system catching up with the new, according to all the shows I'm watching links to. I have no position on the case, as I don't know the evidence, and I am just a citizen. I'm simply pointing out it was a very flawed, and forcibly rapid case. Interesting to say the least. Especially given the time frame. Probably will not post much in here as it seems a hot button issue. I'll wait for the new testing and hope that something comes from it.
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    There are plenty of links, including links to trial transcripts, good websites analyzing all the evidence and supposed inconsistencies. Blood evidence alone is pretty telling. More than enough evidence to keep her where she is.

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