Taiwanese cat is toilet trained

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    — A white and tan Taiwanese cat made his successful television debut on the toilet.
    "Tiger" showed off his skills Wednesday, hopping on the front end of the toilet seat and carefully balancing himself as he did his business.

    Tiger's owner, Dong Hsiu-yuan, told reporters in her home in central Taichung County that the former stray cat only recently acquired his toilet skills.

    "Last week, I saw him jump on the toilet. I didn't know what he was doing and then I noticed he was urinating," she told CTI cable news.

    Dong said that Tiger was self-taught. "He would watch me from the bathroom doorway. If I closed the door, then he would meow loudly," she told SCT cable news.

    Although Tiger's skills are impressive, he still hasn't mastered the art of flushing.
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