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    It's the perfect gift for people who have everything. Something practical they'll use every day and that you can be sure they don't have. It is a gift that will keeps on giving. Or more accurately, receiving.

    It's the Neorest toilet from Toto, the latest in high-end for the rear end.

    And unlike a cheap laptop or the latest video game console, there's no worry about finding them in stock. The Neorest, despite its awesome flushing capacity, isn't moving much here in Arizona.

    t should be an easy sell in gadget-happy America. The toilet is state-of-the-art: sleek, compact and automated. It has a remote control. It does everything but - well, actually it does that, too.

    But only one store had it on display last week: the Central Arizona Supply showroom in north Scottsdale. Where else?

    "I didn't see it," said Stephanie Morse, who was standing before the showroom's display of lesser, standard toilets. When told about the Neorest, she seemed impressed. Until the price.

    "I couldn't see spending $5,000 on a toilet," she said. "But the heated seat would be nice. I'm from New Jersey."

    The price is startling. The company's online store lists it at $4,680 for standard cotton or colonial white. Getting the Neorest in Sedona beige brings the tag to $5,382.

    But for that price, the Neorest promises to turn the mundane evacuation process into an experience.

    Approach it, and the lid lifts up. Stand in front of it a few more seconds, and the seat rises. The Neorest automatically flushes and lowers the lid upon completion.

    That could end marital disputes about the position of the seat. Although it could make the "Honey, where's the remote?" question a little more urgent.

    The remote controls the temperature of the seat. It also activates the gentle cleansing process. Tap the proper button, and a wand extends from the back of the rim and sprays water upward. Water aim and temperature can be controlled by the seated occupant. Then comes the air dryer.

    "I'd like to buy it," said Elmer Blumling of Scottsdale after hearing the sales pitch at the showroom, "but it's the price." His wife, Barbara, had seen the Neorest while researching online for ideas on their bathroom remodel.

    "I probably liked it more than he did," Barbara said.

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