Teacher saves 54 students in bus crash, she dies

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by whisperOFwings, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Snipped from the link above:
    Woodwind instructor Heather Christensen, 33, was the only person killed Saturday night when a bus carrying the American Fork High School marching band swerved off Interstate 15 about two miles north of McCammon, Idaho, and 50 miles north of the Utah border. The bus was one of four carrying 220 students home from a competition in Pocatello. The bus that crashed had 54 students plus Christensen on board.

    The bus driver passed out, Heather jumped up and grabbed the wheel, to save 54 of her students.
    She flew out the window and died.
    If not for her actions it could have been a lot worse.
    Read the story, it breaks your heart... but at the same time, makes you proud of her.
    She will be missed. My deepest heartfelt blessings to her family, students and friends.
    54 students on bus.
    44 students sent to Pocatello hospital.
    All but one of the 44 students who received care at a Pocatello hospital were released. The remaining female patient was expected to be released Monday. Idaho State Police were investigating the crash.
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    Thank you for posting this. I read about the accident in our local paper, but the teacher's heroics had been left out.

    We all hope that in a situation like this that we'll be selfless, do the right thing, be a hero. She is truly a hero, and her parents, siblings and students have the right to be very proud of her. She seems like the type of person that if she had known how it all would end she would still rush to the steering wheel to try and save her students.
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    What a beautiful young woman...

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