Teen has a really bad day

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    A city teen was arrested Sunday morning after he allegedly drove drunk, gave a state police trooper the finger and then struck two vehicles and cracked a utility pole, police said.

    Artemio Cardoza, 19, of Walnut Street, then drove up alongside the trooper, gave him the finger and sped off, said Ptl. Juan Villar.

    The trooper cleared his stop and headed up West Avenue to find Cardoza and pull him over, but Cardoza had already stopped himself.

    A Ford F-150 traveling in the opposite direction attempted to avoid him by pulling up behind a parked Hyundai Accent, but Cardoza struck the Hyundai and pushed it onto the hood of the truck.

    Cardoza's Buick Regal then struck the utility pole, Villar said, and all three cars were totaled.
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