Teen Sent Home From Ceremony For 'Revealing' Dress

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    Student Said She Cried All The Way Home

    CINCINNATI -- Imagine it's a special day at school, and you're asked to leave because of what you're wearing.

    That's what happened to a 13-year-old girl at Holy Family Catholic School in Price Hill on the day of her May crowning and graduation pictures, WLWT Eyewitness News 5's Brian Hamrick reported.

    "I don't think nothing was wrong with the dress," eighth-grader Dannielle Fuqua said. But she was told otherwise because the dress was too revealing, according to the principal.

    "I was crying until I got home, and I was still crying when I got home," Fuqua said.

    Added her mother, Kathy Meyer: "They said Dannielle's dress showed too much cleavage."

    Meyer bought the dress for her daughter because it was so similar to the one Dannielle wore to confirmation, and there were no problems with it, according to the family. Meyer added that Dannielle is simply mature for her age, and that's the only reason the dress shows perhaps more than it would on others.

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