Teen with autism died after refusing to use the toilet for 8 weeks

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    16-year-old Emily Titterington of Cornwall, UK, died from a heart attack caused by her bowel growing so large, it displaced other organs, a coroner has said. She had not had a bowel movement for eight weeks but refused to be medically examined.

    Pathologist Dr Amanda Jeffrey told the court Emily's condition was similar to stool withholding seen in young children, but Emily's case was the worst she had ever seen.

    Emily, who had mild autism, would regularly go without a bowel movement for six to eight weeks, her elder sister told the court. She also revealed she did not believe her sister was in a 'healthy, safe environment' and had reported her concerns to social services. Emily's doctor, who did not notice her condition because she refused an examination, said he found no evidence of safeguarding issues.

    Paramedics called out twice on the night of her death also missed the severity of Emily's condition during the first call. It was only on the second call out after Emily's heart attack, that they were able to see her abdomen was so extended, her lower ribs had been pushed out way beyond the level of her pubic bone.

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