Teenage Pilot buzzes local stadium

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    [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] With each pass of a low-flying airplane over Beell Stadium on Sept. 30, people sitting around Max Navarro grew more anxious.

    It wasn't funny anymore, they said.

    A caller to the Marshfield News-Herald, who left a voice message but couldn't be located, said that a neighbor woman was still shaken when she got home. He and his wife had considered leaving the game because they felt they were in danger, the caller said.

    Navarro, whose son, Jake, is on the Marshfield High School football team, said the pilot made three passes over the packed stadium on homecoming night.

    The aircraft was piloted by a 16-year-old Marshfield boy, according to police records. Authorities are not releasing the pilot's name because he is a juvenile.

    The pilot circled around twice, he said. Some of the passes were at what Navarro considered "a low height and slow speed." The pilot waggled the wings, tilting up and down.

    "I don't fly, but I would guess he's pretty close to stall speed," Navarro said.

    Marshfield airport manager Harold "Duffy" Gaier said the pilot was an employee of his who had access to the keys and aircraft. The 16-year-old no longer works for the company.

    Navarro thinks the pilot's license should be suspended for a few years. If anything would have gone wrong, the plane was directly over the stands and it would've been a disaster, he said.

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