Teenager used counterfeit money in school cafeteria

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    James Kirk, 16, of 13 Stuyvesant Road in Lake Carmel, was arrested Wednesday by Putnam County sheriff's Investigator Anthony Nappi and charged with 10 felony counts of first-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument.

    Police said he made phony $20 bills on a copying machine, then used them at the Carmel High School cafeteria and at local restaurants.

    Carmel school officials notified police last week that the district's bank had detected three bogus $20s in a cash deposit made by the high school, police said. Later on the same day, the manager of the Wendy's restaurant in the Putnam Plaza called the sheriff's office to report that someone had passed a phony $20, police said.

    Nappi and Deputy John Matrician, the school resource officer, said Kirk used a color copier to produce an undetermined number of fake bills.

    He is accused of spending three of them at the cafeteria, five at Wendy's and one each at a pizza place and an ice cream stand in Carmel, police said. In each instance, he bought small items in order to get real bills as change, police said.

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