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If you are discussing something from another site, I expect you to provide a link to that sites discussion or it will be immediately deleted by mods. Do not under any circumstances copy and paste a post here from another site- link to it only. You all are aware that there are a couple of sites you may not link to(the software will not allow the link to show up), for these sites do not discuss them or try to link them as the post will also be immediately deleted.

Thanks for your cooperation!

eta specific to this case:

We will not be discussing kk at all on WS she has NOT been verified to be who she claims she is and since she is not posting here we cannot do so.
I'll try to clarify a few things.

We don't copy/paste posts from other forums or blogs including media site comments.

It's ok to post something like 'hey, check out the comments here' and include the link and post number of other forums and blogs. This includes the media sites that have comments from readers/viewers. Don't copy the post. You may paraphrase what is being said to give context on how this relates to the discussion here.

Our discussions are just that. Our discussions. Not discussions about what and who is being talked about elsewhere. Otherwise, the discussions become what someone is saying elsewhere.

If someone has a discussion with a person somewhat involved in the case, it's fine for the poster to relay what was said. That's ok for discussion. But we're not going to discuss other people's posts that are posted somewhere else and take it for the truth of the matter. Those posters elsewhere can come here and relate it first hand and they may contact Tricia to verify who they are and how they are related to the case.
I want to clarify for everyone that posts here that there are sites we do not allow links to or references to. Those sites usually come up with *******.com when you type them in. For some reason one has gotten by and so it has been referenced here. The link will be fixed so it cannot be typed here at all. is NOT allowed do not link to it and do not reference it in any way. I do not want to see cutesy ways to try to get around it . I will TO anyone who references the site again.
Not open for further replies.

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