Terri 's e-mails on KATU 08.09.2010

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Yep, this could be cleared up easily. Just check the doc's records, and call him or her in to testify to the grand jury.
Exactly. Neither Kaine nor Desiree has mentioned these seizures that I'm aware. Desiree told us about Kyron crying when it was time to leave her home and his allergy to bee stings. Kaine said Kyron was a bit timid and wouldn't venture far from home. Nothing about seizures, though. Kaine would know, and surely Terri would've mentioned it to Desiree in one of the chatty emails she sent each day.

TH and DY have talked about personal details of their lives going back several years, yet they refrain from mentioning these seizures. Wouldn't that be important information for the public to know? Or a kidnapper, for that matter.

These are but a few of the myriad of thoughts roaming around in my head right now, and they're telling me that the reason KH and DY haven't mentioned seizures or doctors is because the issue is germane to the case against Terri. Now I have to go mull a bit and see what the other thoughts are telling me.

But it was the next day! Kyron went missing on the 4th, and she was shooting e-mails on the 5th. I'd expect at least a few OMG's within 24 hours. I probably wouldn't be defending myself, but rather talking about finding Kyron to all my friends!

Nope - she talks about her alibi, and doesn't even mention the poor little guy missing. :(



Well we haven't seen all the emails just a snip of some she certainly may have said all of those things and more..
Why would you be emailing people the next day anyway? If people were blaming me and I was innocent I would say "Good for them Im trying to find my kid right now so I really dont care what people think". I dont even think I'd be emailing anyone after 2 months of my kid being gone, unless for some reason it was gonna help me find him.
I want to know if KATU only published the parts where TM defended herself in her emails, or if there were parts where she talked about being worried and distraught about Kyron missing.

I'm trying to get back to my non judgmental neutral self here.. =)

Those parts wouldn't be nearly as exciting (read: $$$).
My 3 yo son just had a seizure a couple of Fridays ago. We called 911 and went to the ER. They took it VERY seriously.

He's fine btw. Just a febrile seizure.
Here's my problem with this statement...if you thought your child was having seizures, would you seriously wait a WEEK for an appointment???? :furious:

Have you tried to get an appointment with a doctor lately? Around here at least, you're lucky if you can get one inside of a month. And we don't know what doctor it was with (regular doctor or specialist) or what the requirements of Kaine's health insurance might be (for example if specialist visits may have to be pre-approved). Also possible she talked to the doc and he gave her forms for the teacher to fill out, perhaps asked her to keep some sort of "log" of Kyron's episodes of spacing out, etc.
The thought just occurred to me that if it's proven that there was an adult sitting in the white pick-up truck (seen by two witnesses) while it was parked at the school, and while Terri and Kyron were at the science fair...............Terri's emails become irrelevant as her emails don't include any mention of someone being with her that day!

How could she fail to mention that John or Mary Doe were with her that day? That person becomes highly important as that person can vouch for Terri.

I like it Leila! I like everything about it! How could she forget to mention someone being in the truck.

I also liked the part in her email where she says everything at the school was chaotic-----there must have been 300 people there, which is how she got Kyron out of there without anyone really noticing--and I still think she did it by sending him to the truck for something and then she went out by herself.

I didn't like the part where she says she made a doctor appointment for him on Thursday (about the possible seizures) and wasn't taking him in until the following Friday? What doctor would wait that long not knowing exactly what the patient had being given a description like Terri gave him, if she did give him that? I always thought the doctor appointment had something to do with ADHD.
I'm not a parent, but if a child in my care was missing and I was innocent, the next day I'd probably still be crying inconsolably and typing (though more likely babbling on the phone), "Where is he? Why can't they find him? I don't understand! Please come over, I can't deal with this. Yes you may bring beer or chocolate. Food? Yeah, I guess I haven't eaten... I can't believe he's missing. It doesn't make sense. What should I do? I want to do something! I want to go down there and look. Who has him?! Where did he go? Argh!" Lather, rinse, repeat.

Maybe TH is more calm and rational than me?...

:cow: YMMV

P.S. And no, I wouldn't give a rodent's hiney that I was a suspect. If I was "the last one to see him", I know I would be.




Bringing this forward: Here is the transcription (screen caps) of the E-Mails = the Dr. speculates about mini-seizures. Not much here that can't be verified by LE.
I just want to add a thank you to the mods for letting us cut up a little and socialize during the long wait for the news report. :)
Why would you be emailing people the next day anyway? If people were blaming me and I was innocent I would say "Good for them Im trying to find my kid right now so I really dont care what people think". I dont even think I'd be emailing anyone after 2 months of my kid being gone, unless for some reason it was gonna help me find him.

BBM - I was thinking the same thing. Why on earth would I bother to "tell my side" when the only "side" should be "please help us find Kyron!"

Does anyone ever recall a step parent/parent or family member ever doing anything like this the day after someone disappeared? I'm asking this seriously, not being snarky at all. I'm really trying to remember.
one thing:

she says she drove around for a few minutes trying to get kitty to sleep - no go - so off the gym.

a few minutes driving around, she says. Not an hour & 45...

All this in emails and/or notes? A photo some one took looked like some notes were written by hand. Do you know if Terri wrote them? Y'all do a better job than most reporters. I bet you had to catch your breath when a few parts of those emails were read. What a group!!!!!!!!
Just up - going back to sleep - woke with a few sticking thoughts:

- Kyron's "mini-siezures" - if that's what they were - could be caused by a previous head injury. Kyron's visits to the doctors would require discussion of previous head injuries. Maybe discussion of previous head injuries was not something anyone wanted to discuss.

- This e-mail appears in a chain of e-mails and may not be presented entirely; we don't know. We also don't know the e-mail chain context it was written in. That makes it difficult for me to assess Terri's level of distress - her concern for Kyron may all be in the earlier e-mail of a chain. This portion - someone may have asked her what she did that day and why she was having so many meetings with investigators about her day...

- School witnesses are going to be very critical. who saw Kyron at school after 9? Why is Terri so sure on June 5th that so many saw Kyron at school after 9 - and "it" happened before 10?

... just a little obtuse late nite noodling there... just to add to the thread ...sorry if it repeats other recent thoughts, I haven't read most recent posts...as I'm supposed to be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing
This might have been posted before but did people suspect her just a day after the dissappearance (emails dated June 5th)?

I don't remember that myself. It seemed it all started when they had the first press conference and people were reading her body language.
It most definitely does completely have to do with insurance. Sherbetjello was correct in her statement.

I had migraines for many years and had the same primary care doctor throughout those many years, but however
when my insurance changed as did the procedure for seeing my neurologist. With the first insurance I DID NOT have to have primary care referral to get appt with my neurologist, tho, after changing to the second insurance it changed and I began to have to have a referral from my primary care dr in order to get appt with neurologist and the insurance pay for the visit.

sherbet was 100% correct stating that the type insurance makes a difference between having to get referral and NOT having to get referral for specialty doctors...

I am having the same problem with my daughter's opthamologist. We changed insurance and my daughter needs a referral for an eye doctor she's been seeing for years! It's driving me crazy!! However, she did not need a referral for her neurologist.
That she could even mention she was being blamed, with this poor little guy missing. I could never, EVER get back on the fence.

My kids are at camp this week. It's kind of chilly here. I am thinking about them being warm enough, hoping they're not homesick and feel safe. And they are at CAMP. Having had a non-custodial parent take my daughter for a week, not knowing when I'd see her again, I can't even tell you how awful that was.

That Terri had a care in her mind about herself 24 hours in to this me speaks louder than any other questionable behavior. She raised him from infancy. He should feel like her own. And she wants to scream because people are blaming her? She wants to explain her timeline?

I feel sick and deeply sad. What awful thing has she done to him?
BBM - I was thinking the same thing. Why on earth would I bother to "tell my side" when the only "side" should be "please help us find Kyron!"

Does anyone ever recall a step parent/parent or family member ever doing anything like this the day after someone disappeared? I'm asking this seriously, not being snarky at all. I'm really trying to remember.

Even Susan Smith in SC made tearful statements about bringing home her little boys after she drowned them in the lake. At least felt some remorse even though she was lying!

The only person similar to TH's behavior (imo) is Scott Peterson, the sociopath. But he had his story figured out and had no accomplices, and it's looking like Terri may have had more than one, so this is more complicated.
My son has seizures with memory loss, It started with losing his memory/ being forgetful we thought. he has always been kind of dreamy. It took awhile to get EEG set up and then they are really only helpful if you have a seizure during the test. he ended up having many also a sleep deprived EEG, plus a cat scan etc.

The school may not have known about the seizures as Th said she as taking him to have it looked at so diagnosis has not been made, I cannot see the dr diagnosing him over the phone to TH without seeing him, performing tests etc and a parent would have to sign for consent for the testing therefore KH or DY should/would know of upcoming testing for seizures.

If over the course of 2 weeks she noticed this behaviour and it was not just once but seemed as if it was more frequent I would assume you would take your child to the hospital to rule out other causes. (My son had to be checked for a brain tumour etc) right after you told his father/mother about it as you would be worried. I would think you may want to ask his teacher if she had noticed anything as well. Plus if all this was going on and my son was not on the bus it would have been the first explanation i would have given what if he had a seizure or one of those blank spells. when i say explanation i mean to the bus driver , my husband in a panic i would have assumed that first that he may have experienced a medical emergency after school on his way to the bus. (she may have but KH has never mentioned it in any way)

This is the only thing in the emails that really stick out for me as possibly being off. Gosh your son is missing why not scream to the world he MAY be having seizures. that would be important medical information for anyone who had him, the bee allergy came out late as well why no mention of this condition? at that time or at any time it would be pressing info to get out there and obviously TH was thinking about it(even if it was not an officially diagnosed) as she emailed her friends detailing it
I wonder though ....

Kaine talked about Kyron not paying attention in school, and how they had to get on him telling him he had to listen to adults there, and so on.

IF Kyron was experiencing something like this, that could have been a subtle symptom that they simply didn't recognize.
I'm trying to imagine calling my grandson's ped and telling him "I think little man is having petit mal seizures" and him telling me, "Oh ok, we'll see him next week". Well, I certainly don't have to imagine my reaction :furious:

Now, it's quite possible that she had brought this up with the doc during a prior exam, and he made her an appointment with a pediatric neurologist. THAT would explain the questionnaire to bring in with them for the appointment. Without his ped's records and testimony, we really have no idea what the sequence of events were --- but again, I don't see his ped just brushing it off for a week.

That said... I diagnosed my own self with the Diabeetus. Sugar was pretty high, and was climbing higher by the hour, closing in on 400. I called my doc (who I'd been seeing since he started his damn practice nearly 10 years ago), and told them I needed an emergent appointment. I was told the EARLIEST I could get in was 4 months later, but if I (and I quote his PA here) "ran into the street acting like a crazy person, go to the ER". =\

I said "screw that" and called around until I found a doc taking new patients, and he worked me in the next morning. He found signs of kidney damage (thanks diabetes!) to my sole kidney, and made an appointment for me to see an nephrologist. The earliest appointment I could get with HIM was nearly 6 months down the road. (yes, I live in America lol) So there ARE doctors who would ignore a seemingly urgent situation. Hopefully, not many... but they do exist.
But what if the doctor knew you to be a worry wart, a little hysterical, even? What if you'd made similar calls in the past that proved unwarranted? The doctor might not tell you to rush the child to his office.

Just speculatin'. MOO...MOO
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