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    Here are the text messages I have typed up so far. I need to add more of amys (If i can find where I saved them, lol.)
    **Disclaimer:Times or dates may be slightly out of order, as alot of Amys texts werent dated.These texts were typed up for my own reference. They are not a complete record of what is in the documents.*****

    24TH APRIL
    11.10am – Not much better. Just have to will myself through it. How are you love?
    11.12am – Ah i'm trying. Sooner rather than later hopefully.
    11.15am - Thanks. I definitely need it.
    3.35pm – If it wasnt for you right now I dont know where my head would be!
    3.36pm – Amy is one of the only people getting me through this.
    3.37pm – I miss you too hun

    25TH APRIL
    11.17am – Getting there. Best day in a week. At this rate I may be good for sunday ;-D
    11.19am - Maybe this will be the first week for all of us. I'm excited.
    11.34am – Thanks! It was bound to happen after a week of this crap.

    26TH APRIL
    2.53pm – I'm feeling much better. Still going to take today to relax but i'll be ready for tomorrow for sure.
    2.56pm – Thanks love! Me too
    27TH APRIL
    2.11pm – God I hope so! I'm crossing my fingers that I can get my voice back.
    2.47pm – Talking to ric online and he said its a go. They are leaving around 9 or 10. I'll decide later for sure but i'm planning on going.
    2.48pm – Sounds like a plan!

    4TH MAY 2008

    11.02am – I think my friend anthony is coming with tonight.
    11.03 am – he's really fun. A cop in training. Haha
    11.04 am – oh yes. I want to meet this firefighter boy.
    11.06 am – I think thats a good idea
    11.36 am she said within the next 45 mins. So an hour or so before they get home.
    3.17 pm – I'll be in tampa for the next concert.
    3.19 pm – textt him. See if he wants to hang out.
    3.21 pm – honestly I am too. Dont feel bad.
    3.25 pm – yeah its hard. Haha . We need new boys anyway.
    6.28 pm – do what are you implying? ;-)
    7.59 pm – what time are you getting done?
    9.33 pm – we are going to sportstown. Call me when you get done.

    5TH MAY 2008

    7.57am – 5 beers on an empty stomach.not a good idea huh?
    8.03am– oh boy. Been there.he asked you out?
    947am - it happens. Your a great judge of character...and we both know the universe gets what the universe wants.
    11.14am – tomorrow.well I leave early tomorrow. Troy and rick leave thisafternoon. Kayne is in tampa too.
    11.17 am – its cinco de mayo. Good excuse to get to grab a drink.
    11.31 am – me neither. I may have to work too.
    11.37 am – Agreed.
    2.38 pm – what time do you get done tonight?
    2.34 pm – sounds good. Just let me know :)
    5.09 pm – well whenever you get done call me. I may be going to scoops if you would like to join me.
    11.07 pm – still at scoops.

    6TH MAY 2008

    11.20am – sorry about last niight. I ended up leaving early and dropped of my friend chris. He was hammered really fast. All I know is there was tons of man meat there last night. I know where we are going on our girls night. Friday is ladies night.
    11.36am – we will celebrate peurtorican style this summer. Haha.
    11.40am – you dont need to chace no boy! We will find brand new boys.
    1.41 am1 – same here
    11.42 am – troy is coming back. Ric is with him. We have radiohead tonight in Tampa.
    12.13 pm – troy has to work. My car was shot thismorning so I wasnt sure that I would be able to drive out there tonight. Ric is driving he and I to concert.
    12.22 pm – huh? Haha
    12.24pm – oh. Haha . Itt wouldnt turn on. My transmition was dead. I'm out almost 500 to get it replaced. Thats over 1300 in a month. I'm so mad.
    12.42 pm – youre telling me I need a new car pronto.
    12.43 pm – haha pretty much.
    12.49 pm – thats so much fun.
    12.51 pm – hows the show going?
    1.01 pm – good. Glad it went so well.
    1.13 pm – have fun!
    1.14 pm – thanks love!
    1.19 pm – haha. Its intimidating but i'm down.
    1.20 pm – I cant wait to go
    1.22 pm – oh!! completely agree. Maybe i'll get my legs waxed too. What the hell, right?
    1.26 pm – thats crazy. Maybe veet will work.
    1.28 pm – haha -lucky girl. I think i'll do something with my hair by then.
    1.30 pm – its a couple of months away but I already want to go shopping.
    1.33 pm – yay! Sounds perfect.
    2.49 pm – thats what I was thinking. I'm good whenever. How long are we going for?
    2.51 pm – sweet. I think the middle of the month would be a perfect time to go.
    2.54 pm – yeah. Maybe if we leave a few ndays after the 4th?
    *2.55 pm – sweet. Planning birthday

    7TH MAY 2008

    10.24am – that works. How was last night?
    10.25 am – haha. Nice. Being high i'm assuming helped.
    10.29 am – nice. Sorry I missed it. How were the seats?
    10.32 am – I feel better. I felt better at around 8 last night so I was even more bummed. Oh well. I'm glad you guys had fun.
    10.35 am – if there was anyone to take my place i'm glad it was you.
    10.42 am – hugs. I have to work tonight. Not looking forward to it.
    10.44am – he's a jerk. Like I said yesterday you're better off for new begginning and new boys.
    10.45 am – ok. Thinking we can take a morning flight. I want to get the most out of this trip.
    11.12 am – agreed. At leat we can save money by staying with the boys family.
    11.14 am – this will definitely be a trip to remember.
    11.15am – agreed.honestly i'm making alist now so I know what to get a prepare for. I'm a nut but emergency cash is a must for me. I'll blow money really fast.
    11.15am – yeah. I just want a couple of cute dresses and some new shorts. Maybe a bathing suit. Besides that i'll be good. It shouldnt take too much to prepare. At least I have plenty of luggage to choose from.just dont let me pack my entire wardrobe :)
    11.22 am – ****. I may want to get a new ipod. We could share headphones.
    11.25 am – I have one all I need to do is send it in. kinda broke it. Glad I got insurance on it.
    11.27 am – i'll do that this week so I have plenty of time.
    1.07 pm – so we can save almost $50 if we fly out 4th and return the 11th.
    1.11 pm – ok. I'll talk to him.

    8TH MAY 2008
    8.49am – are you working this weekend?
    8.53 am – sweet! Feel like going out one night?
    9.05 am – i'm sorry hun! Hugs!
    9.07 am – I dont blame you for wither. I'd be mad too. And I definitely would care.
    9.09am – seriously!

    9.14 am – I feel ya. Boys have it easy.
    9.15 am – stupid boys.

    11.17 am – nice. I'm going home at lunch today.
    11.26 am – ah no fun. You working late tonight?
    11.26 am – boo. No fun.
    11.35 am – at work.
    12.57pm – I forgot you were busy.

    9TH MAY 2008
    9.44 am – dont do it! Although if the roles were reversed I cant say that I wouldnt. Aw hun. We are pathetic girls.
    9.47am – I stayed with ric last night.some of the best sex we have ever had.and again thismorning. Either i'm really weak or i'm fallingb for this kid. Neither is good.
    10.03 am – i'm trying. Things just click between he and I. Last night it was a very emotional connection...besides physical....and it was the same way thismorning. He didnt smoke once the entire time. Maybe he's making an effort? I dont know.
    10.07 am – yeah me too. Who knows?i just dont want to let my heart get too invested unless I know his is. He keeps saying he wants to see where things go. Oye.
    10.08am – did you go downtown last night?
    10.17 am – glad you went out and had fun. You definitely needed it. We kn ow how that boy is with his emotions. At least he's trying...and if he keeps it up, there's room to hope. If he goes back to his regular routine then its a pretty easy decision.
    10.26 am – haha. Yeah. Its always nice to feel like the sane one. You're right though.back and forth isnt easy. If we date again its either the long haul or theres no point.
    11.14 am – thanks for all the advice. Hop I can help too.
    11.15 am – sounds like what I would say. I'd send it.
    11.32 am – stupid waiting game. I'm down to do something. Scoops? Ladies night.
    11.33 am – yes maam!
    3.14 pm – well i'm stuck working now till 10 or after. I'll text you later so we can meet up.
    4.38 pm – you and me both.
    4.43 pm – aw hunny! No-one should ever make you feel that way.
    4.52pm – Amy none of that is your fault. You have one of the biggest heart of anyone I ever met. No man will ever make you feel that way again. I promise you.
    4.53 pm – you know how much I love you! Some guy will worship the ground you walk on and he will find you. This I know in my heart.
    4.58 pm – agreed. Its necessary.
    5. 03 pm – heres what i'm thinking...why dont we meet at the boys – close to downtown and easy.
    5.05 pm – sounds good love.
    5.07 pm – me too. But thastsd what friends are for. We are meeting new boys tonight and having them buy us a drink.
    5.09pm – haha- even better!
    5.11 pm – alright hun
    7.22 pm – do you want to go to scoops tonight?
    7.27 pm – i'll be done in 20 mins i'm meeting chris at 4 wings. I busted my ass with all my paperwork
    7.32 pm – up to you. I'll be on this side of town.
    7.33 pm – a lot of people are way over 21.
    7.44 pm - Awesome!
    7.45pm – i'll see how much room I have post wings.. how yummy. Haha.
    7.54pm – seriously?
    7.56 pm – let me kn ow how that goes.
    8.25 pm – keep me posted.
    11.41pm – we will be there in a sec. Meet us outside.

    10th MAY 2008

    2.59 pm – hope you had fun last night.
    3.03pm – they really like you. I love boys haha... well sometimes. Maybe text him again. This time try a hey. Keep it simple.
    3.38 pm – good. Very simple.
    3.45 pm – yeah hang in there hun.

    6.34 pm – communication is never bad hun.
    7.11 pm – I have no clue. I may be staying home. Not sure. What time are you done?
    7.12 pm – ok cool.
    7.14 pm – oh ok. Well I want to meet that boy. I'll see what I can do.
    7.28 pm – yes very soon indead.
    8.40 PM – i'm going to stay home and start my mothers day early. Have fun though. Text me later <3

    11TH MAY 2008

    3.36 pm – thanks love.
    9.35 pm – uh oh!
    9.38 pm – you going downtown?

    11.12 pm – that silly boy going to finally seee youu?
    11.14 pm – Aw yay! Good luck love! Let me know how it goes.

    12TH MAY 2008

    9.03 am – hun it sounds like there is definate attraction there- drink or not. Who knows? Sometimes things start that way.
    9.04 am – ah- maybe all he does want is a hook up. Just be careful.
    9.07am – exactly. I'm glad you had a good time!

    9.11 am – hey nothing wrong with a good distraction. I need one pronto.
    9.15 am – or a really good one so you can drop this one. Who knows. A distraction from a distraction could work too.
    9.18 am – so there is potential boyfriend status. Nothing wrong with that
    9.28 am – Nice! I'm there with ya.I'm done drinking til we go on vacation. Too bad you dont like closer. The gym by me is so cheap. We can do this together. Its always
    9.34 am - Sweet! Thats awesome love!
    9.38am – i'm so proud of you!! i'll be your support system :)
    9.40 am – you know i'm here..always..regardless of what it is.
    9.44 am – I know you're here for me. Thats what friends are for!
    9.46 am – i'm actually glad I stayed home again this weekend. The more rest the after.
    10.00 am – i'm afraid of getting sick again. As long as I take care of myself i'll be alright this time.
    10.30 am – yeah seriously. We can still go out but everything needs to be limited. We dont have to drink to have fun. Thats always a good thing.
    11.15 am – haha. Youre too funny
    11.17 am – haha This is true!
    11.18 am – haha. Its very enlightening.
    1.09 pm – I hate having people come to check the cable. Such a waste of time.
    1.38 pm – stupid brighthouse.
    1.42 pm – me too man.
    2.17 pm – did I make out with chris the other night?
    7.55 pm – that sucks hun! And dont text that douche bag. I'm playing mariocart with jerkface but we talked today and we are only friends from now on.
    9.50 pm - Aw hun i'm sorry :-(
    11.21 pm – Awesome. I hope his dad is doing alright.
    11.24pm – yeah. Never good. We all stick together though.

    13TH MAY 2008
    9.59 – the bright side to that...i'm going to need a room mate.As much as I would like to do the house thing alone an extra $400 woud save me from working a few. e.
    10.03– your telling me ! I'm so thankful.
    10.07 – done deal.i'm on vacation in a couple of days. My mum is taking the kid for the w/end for part of her vacation :)
    10.08 - I have 3 of them to friends in entertainment. None of them knew if they were hiring or what for. The good thing about universal is that they're always hiringextra hours. The boy thing we will fix and the job thing I feel like i'm in the same boat. You're not alone in this. I'll do whatever I can to help.
    10.08 – ing for something.

    14TH MAY

    8.49 am – its official. As long as we take our trip within the first 2 wks of july i'm set. I just got my vacation cleared.
    5.53 pm – I can
    8.49pm – its 342 :) hi

    18TH MAY Sunday

    19TH MAY Monday
    10.42am - Good morning! How are ya
    10.43am – Good! Its about time! ;-)
    10.45am – Good. Tired but good. Put in too many hours this weekend. This week is probably going to be the same way. Whats your schedule like?
    10.48am – Yay! You close wednesday?
    10.52am – I cant wait to have a semi normal schedule again. I hate working 12 hrs split in half each day. I'll be home in about an hour and I have to be back around 6 tonight.
    10.56am – Seriously! Thankfully it wont last much longer for either of us
    11.09am – Thats awesome! If you can we are totally hitting the beach.
    6.14pm – I'll be in a place by then. You can stay with me. I'm looking at a place tomorrow with my mum that I might be signing on.
    8.38pm – Haha. She already knows that your crazy ;-) i'm calling my mum when I get out. I'll text you with the exact time. Its off conway and michigan.
    11:10pm - I'm totally going to find a badass hat to start wearing on wednesdays.Hopefully you can come this week. I'll have your mullah ;-) and we can meet some new cute boys. There were plenty last week!
    11.14 pm – Awesome. I'm hoping for the same.
    11.15 pm – awesome. Good luck hun.

    20TH MAY 2008 Tuesday
    11.52am- Home like virginia?

    9.13 am – not yet. Waiting for the homeowner to call me back. I'm excited too.

    10.29 am – thats awesome. I'm gonna call the lady now.
    10.42 am – she said tomorrow will be better. What time do you work?
    10.43am – he just complains about stuff to me all the time but changes his mind in an instant. Whatever. At least the last couple of times we have hung out not a thing has happened.
    10.45 am – me too!!!
    11.33 am – the house is already pretty much empty. She said we can move in the same day. Its up to us.
    11.36 am – that would help i'm sure.theres an inground pool with a fenced in porch and backyard. Its a great starting house.
    11.42 am – you will be som much closer to everything and everyone. Is troy going to saty at caras?
    11.55 am – wow crazy I dont want him to go :-(
    11.56 am – yeah I know. He needs to do whats gonna make him happy.
    1.59 pm – thats awesome.
    2.01 pm – good job!
    2.03 pm – heck yaeh. I would be too!

    21ST MAY 2008
    8.11 am- I'm definitely sick :-(
    10.30 am – i'm going to call the lady now. I'm headed to the doctors now. I hate this.
    10.33 am – nope. Twice since I was sick last month. But I have been working a lot. I put in almost 60 hrs last week. I think its the flu. I'll know soon.

    10.44 am – sounds good. Did you stay at the boys?
    10.46 am - nice
    10.47 am – Mr I have no money. What an idiot I swear.
    10.57 am – done and done
    1.16 pm – can I raincheck seeing the house. I just got back from drs and dont feel too hot at all. Stupid flu.
    1.21 pm – well I would love for you to be there. We will figure it out. I'm taking the day to rest as much as possible.
    1.23 pm – thanks love! Cant wait to hear about interviews.
    5.53 pm – works for me! I'm not feeling worse. Found out I have a bruised. At least I have nice pills for my flu and i'll be popping anti inflamatories like thers no tomorrow.
    6.03 pm – ha my mum just told me same thing on the phone.
    8.45 pm – i'm down.

    ~ Continues next post ~
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    22nd may 2008
    8.37 am &#8211; good luck at your interview. Good luck hug from me and the little one.
    9.28am &#8211; haha youre too funny
    11.40 am- eh not great. Did you already have your interview?
    11.42 am &#8211; ah the suspense is killing me.
    11.51 am &#8211; good. You shouldnt be.
    1.53pm why not leave it?
    1.55 pm- Its prob pretty impressive
    1.59 pm - Yeah makes sense.
    5.27 pm &#8211; do you work tonight?

    23RD MAY
    - Do we have a time to look at the place today?8.41am I'll have to let you know when I get back from the doctors. I gave caylee my cold :(
    - And your bruised rib? I didnt think those were contagious!poor baby.give her a hug for me.
    8.46am at least her ribs are good haha. I know I feel terrible. I gave her some amy love.
    - Good luck
    - Dude. So yesterday Will teexted me saying he thought we should have sex. I texted back what? No response. He is my friend and I dont know if he was serious.

    11.17am oh boy.as nice as it is for casual sex...with a friend is never easy.ric and I had it out bad yesterday. I'm never making that mistake again.
    - Yeah i'm not about that. It screws stuff up.
    11.19 am - big time. Stupid doctor. Waiting sux
    - I'm under a table. Want to trade places?
    11.30.haha in a heartbeat
    - you have to keep your cold tho. Thats not part of the deal.
    11.32 am - haha .damn what about the bruised rib?
    - yours too I'm afraid. This is a positionary change only. And yes, I believe I just made up a word.
    11.34 thats awsome. You crack me up
    - I do my best. So after the show I' going to go home and shower. I'll just nap til we go.
    11.41 sounds good. I'll be stuck here forat least another hour. So many kids
    - well stop giving your kid colds! Geez! The show is about to end. I'll be here another 30-35 min. whatever works. Keep me posted
    11.51. i'm trying! This is the first time she has ever gotten sick. We made it almost three yrs. I'll let you know.
    - Its all good. You did well! 3 years is a good run. I'm totally flexible, whatever happens whenever.
    11.56 - I tried. Thanks love.

    12.54pm - what do you have planned for this w/end?
    - Shows from 1230 to 930 tom, 1230 to 6 sun. tonight 5.30 to 9.30. no other plans. Why?
    12.58pm if i'm healthy lets do something.nothiing crazy.i'm not really sure yet.
    - Sounds good. I've been feeling more chill lately anyway. I go through periods of time where i'm wanting to party then chill times.
    1.02pm - nothng wrong with that.i'm the same way.is definitely chill time.
    - It's good timing since its moving time soon.
    1.05pm -exactly and we're all supposed to be saving for this trip.
    - True that.
    3.47 pm - I officially have no respect for ricardo.itruely dont. I'm so sick of him thinking he's right about everything.he knows nothing about me or nor does he care.
    3.59 pm - I dont think I can be friends with him anymore. I really dont
    - just up froma nap. What happened? And whats with going to look at that place?
    4.02pm - i'm honestly not feeling up to doing anything now. I dont want to keep putting it off but its going to have to b e laterthis w/end.
    - I cant now anyway. Got to shower and go back to work. I just need to know you are serious about it. I have a date looming where I wont have a home and I need to know where i'm going soon. Its scarey.
    4.03 pm we cant keep fighting. Yeasterday carried over into today and I cant deal with him disrespecting me constantly. We cant talk to each other unless its in person.its ridiculous.
    - So keep it in person for now. You cant bounce back and not expect whiplash. Its takes time. 4.07pm - trust me.i'm serious. I've been to this house 4 times already. I'm pretty set.i asked the homeowner to wait til the end of the month so I can get everything this warranted.
    - O.k I totally trust you, just wanted to make sure. I've never been in this position before. I dont like it.
    4.07 pm - ng settled
    4.10pm he blames me to jumping on him when he cant answer a simple question without an 'I dont know'
    - Thats Ricardo tho.
    4.10 pm - I know him! I'm going to get it done and done right
    4.12 pm -well if he calls me a ***** again we cant be friends. I'm serious. I have nevern argued like this with someone outside my family and at least then it was
    - Love you tons. Shower time tho, then work.
    4.13pm -love you too!thanksd for hearing me out. Be careful!
    - Let things go with Ricardo for a while. Dont talk to him for a bit. N ot childishly of course. But in a group setting be civil and otherwise let the friendship coast back to a normal speed on its own. I'm feeling very metaphorical today.
    4.27 pm - you are very metaphorical today. I'm just not talking to him period.if I want to at some point, I will.i'm really done woith all of it.
    - I'm sorry love. That sucks. No metaphor. It plain sucks.
    4.30 pm - it does. Do me a favour and dont talk to him about it. No sense in getting in the middle of us both being idiots.
    - I never would. Its not my place. Everything you tell me about him is between us. 4.32 pm - I know and I appreciate it :)
    - Hugs. Now a drive to work. Fridays later if you are up for it?
    4.36 pm - text me when you get out. I'll talk to my momma. I thinkl I need it..
    - Thats what I was thinking.
    4.38 pm - I know I cant drink but talking always helps.
    - Exactly. And Fridays always has a good vibe. Its been known to have healing powers...the vibe that is and mentally
    4.43 pm - this is true :)

    7.48pm - I'm going to stay home. Raincheck for tomorrow night? I already cleared it with my Madre. I'm going to bed early.
    7.49 pm -repeat above message.
    - Awesome Tom it is! Get sleep!.
    7.49 pm - Oh I am :)

    24th MAY 2008
    - I had me some firefighter last night.
    Pm &#8211; Y ou are too funny!
    2:47pm -What did we want to do tonight?
    - Well...we could do Fridays or something of the like. Did you want to do dinner? At the moment i'm not feeling like drinking , but that may change. I dont remember a whole lot of last night. Which makes me very sad.
    3:00pm I'm not drinking till i'm off my medication so I will be a few weeks. I'm down for whatever
    Lets do dinner then. Its been forever since I've had a good sit down dinner. How do you feel about Olive garden or Outback?
    Hows the kid doing with her cold?
    5:51 pm- She's good. Barely sneezing anymore.
    Good. Poor kid! I'm excited for tonight. So what are we thinking for food?
    10.10pm- Where are ya?
    - On my way. There was a puppy
    10.11pm - Awesome. C u soon
    10.31pm - Theres a lot of good man meat here
    Your car is safe. Have fun. He is totally the hottest guy there. Sorry i'm such a bum! Darn sex I dont remember making me tired. Have fun at least? *************CHECK?
    - - Home!Bed!

    25th MAY 2008
    10.51 am - So the cops came about 1.15 and broke up the party. How bittersweet.
    - That sucks! I got home and fell asleep before I even figured out what was on adult swim. I was actually very tired. Have fun at least?

    10:56 am - It was a lot of fun. I'm glad I finally got to c tony. He's a really sweet guy. And we kicked butt at beer pong. 3 and 0. did you have fun?i know you were exausted.
    - Oh yeah. Thats why I left when I did. I was having fun but I wanted to go before that stopped.
    10:59 am - Always a good idea. I'm still sleepy- 7hrs of great sleep!
    - I'm totally ready for today !
    11:01 am - Me too!
    - So I think I have a great idea for this tape thing. I just have to go to walart or get some place to get a cheap tank top and skirt. That way I can tape up and cut it off and make a door for myself. I realized I will have to pee at some point!
    1:21 pm - Haha. Thats a great idea
    2:46 pm - you will officially see the american flag in all its glory tonight :D
    - Nice! Im going to go to target to get the tank top. On sale for 6. want to go there with me? Or I can go there first.
    2.50pm - you going right after work?
    - unless I'm getting you first.
    - Oh. And I have every intention of making out with a guy tonight. Its my goal.

    2.57 pm- you will make out with someone tonight. Done deal
    2.59pm - haha. oh I love ya girl!
    6.26 pm - whacha singing?
    - Wicked. Defying gravity
    6.27 pm &#8211; Nice
    - My fav song
    6.29 pm -Amazing song- great play
    6.33 pm - Water number 4
    6.36 pm - I'm taking this all the way to dean
    - Okie! I didnt feel the darn texts!
    6.37 pm - No worries
    - I see you!
    6.41 pm - I see you too
    - He fills me with joy every day
    6.47 pm- I like your monkey
    6.49 pm -I love monkeys .theyre always so happy

    26TH MAY 2008

    9.13 pm - Hows work?
    9.13pm - No call. I talked to iassen and got a lot of info. Funny how you can sometimes get closure from someone not even involved. Stupid boys. I'm glad that I bo(incomplete)
    - Leaving in a sec. Mike is here hitting on a blonde at the bar. I'm waiting for a kid I'm taking home. Painful without cigs. I'm glad you got some closure tho.are you ok?
    9.18 pm- again stupid boys. Haha. I'm great actually. Sitting around all day waiting made me realise that I am not that girl and Ive never been that girl. I defitour a game seriously
    9.18 pm - ely dont ever want to be that girl . Enlightening.
    -Yeah i'm doing a little of that too. Sadly for me I can no longer scope out a guy at a party and go for it. I dont really want to. But I miss that.
    9.22 pm- Same here. I get young kids hitting on me now or friends and thats just weird. We seriously are going to have to rejoin the grown up scene.
    - Yeah those boys were too young last night. Even the older ones I wasnt attracted to. This sucks. I really wants a guy. I've never had anything real.Jasen really truly loved me but didnt know how to act. I want that love in agood guy. I miss that love so much
    9.30 pm - I'm right there with ya. Thats how Ryan was.I want to be able to share my time and love with someone and have it be special. No more boys. We need men
    - Yeah. Now I feel like crying this sucks.
    9.32pm - No crying! I did enough of that for the both of us last night! I love you hun. Keep your head up
    - I know. I just had to sit and there for 20mins and hear him hit on that chick. It made me want a good guy. I just dont know where to find them. So house tom?
    10.37pm - House tomorrow. And a good guy will find you. No looking...well...maybe a litle looking
    - Its hard not to. So, yeah. I dont work til 6. totally free until then.
    11.03 pm- Awesome I'm in at 6am and out around noon. I love my early mornings.
    - Icky. Its funny. I'll work from 6pm til midnight..just let me know when. I'llmake sure i'm showered and stuff before noon so I can head over whenever. Dude I am so hoping Mike calls tonight so I can be like, what strike out with the blonde?
    11.12 pm - Congrats on your 1st day without cigarettes. I am mucho mucho proud of you!
    - Thanks. I miss them
    11.13 pm - Sounds good. I hope the arsehole does try. He screwed up bad enough last night. He really isnt that smart. If youre gonna play a game and at least bring ynestly gave up on all hope of anything a long time ago. I miss my friend.
    -Yeah well the kid gets wasted. Ah well, its funny when it comes down to it. Where do guys hang out? There has to be a place we just dont know about.
    11.18 pm- They are always mixed in with the losses unfortunately. We will find them one way or another.
    - Sigh. This game bites.
    11. 20pm- Agreed. At least neither of us is alone! We will conquer this together.
    - Yup yup.this weekend will be great. I'll just miss you. Weekends are when I see you.
    11.25 pm- I know!Glad I'm only out of town for a couple of days and its next week. I'll just have to come up and flirt with some blonde bartender :)
    - I need to work on my flirting skills!
    11.27 pm- Maybe we really should speeddate. I think it would help us both a lot
    - It sure couldnt hurt
    11.29 pm - I will look into that at work in the morning. It will be fun and new.
    - Go for it. At this point I'm willing to try anything
    11.31 pm- Done and done. I'm ready for a nice guy to settle down with
    Hear hear!
    27TH MAY 2008
    9.36 am - I have the biggest news, and I mean huge! I'll call you when I get done thisafternoon. Wow seriously amazingly awsome news! Hope the added suspense helps :)
    - Totally! Way excited!
    4.29 pm - When do you leave for tally?
    - Sometime Friday
    4.30 pm- Awesome I have a date that night! Tony just asked me out to dinner.
    - Sweet! I'll be drunk hopefully
    4.32 pm- Haha I maybe too. I think i'm going to his club that night to check it out.
    - Sweet. I'm so excited for you. I think I might do some interweb dating. Maybe.
    4.35 pm - I've been thinking the same thing. If a cute guy that I actually get along with wants to take me out to dinner, why not?
    - Of course. More power to you. I want a guy to take me out. Its been years!
    4.38 pm- Outside of ric its been far and few between for me too. Its like guys dont know how to treat a lady anymore
    - Its the damn feminists I tell you
    4.39 pm- Haha youre not kidding
    - They wanted equality and they sure got it. Sadly the rest of us have to deal as well.
    4.42 pm- Agreed. Sucks majorly
    - Sigh. Showertime. Photos are up. Work time pm - Awesome. Thanks love
    10.31 pm I almost feel bad because ric invited me over like 4 times. He decides now of all times...after I finally got closure with him to start showing me that he cares GRRR
    - That bites hun. Just remember he does not want a relationship. He probably misses your friendship. Which he should. Just keep it in groups for now.
    11.56pm - And I will. Its finally nice to know that he cares. Honestly...I'm completely over him
    and that entire situation. I'm so glad! And...i just talked to tony for almost 2 hrs. He's worth getting to know, oddly enough.
    - Good. That makes me happy for you. You certainly deserve it. I miss smoking.

    28TH MAY 2008
    12.00 am- Smoking is bad! Thanks though.Its nice to have a nice boy and I new friend. So...poor ric is sick! He has the flu :(
    - Boys and friends are good. Poor ric thats what he gets for running away this weekend!
    12.06am- Haha thats what I wanted to say!
    - Almost home! Got dish soap and iron supplements. Got gas. Ten more minutes and home!12.26 am - I'm not online now, right?
    - Not home yet silly!
    12.26 am -Haha nevermind my text! Be safe!
    - Always. Dude I almost broke down at work. When we cut to closers I had made 8 dollars. I was freaking out. I ended up with 60. but the summer will involve a lot of picked up shifts.
    12.31am - Yeah seriously.cheap ass people.
    - Part was that. But I'd only had 3 tables by 8:00. but my sales were at 85. I ended with 340 in sales but the boys stopped taking tables at the end thank god
    3.39pm - Good news. We have an excuse to get all your stuff out of storage. We will eventually need a pretty decent amount of stuff.
    -Yay now i'm as happy as you! And I did everything on my list today! I may start on tomorrows!3.43 pm - Nice! I've been productive today too. It feels good
    - That it does. My car has seats now! I'm going to get it detailed after this trip
    3.45 pm - Awesome! :)
    - Everything is clean for me to leave. And then pack deep clean and leave! I feel like this will be such an easy move but a long unpack. We will have all month that we can leave my stuff in storage if you wanted to do anything that requires space. Or a place to put whatever. I'll keep it until the end of june
    3.52pm - Thats perfect. If anything once we move my stuff into my parents room we can use my room for storage and the garage too. There will be plenty of room.
    Sweet. Ah life is good. Now houlihans just needs to pick up! Or it will be a boring summer for Amy.

    MAY 30TH 2008
    1.50pm - Have fun in tally!
    - Thanks hun. Then its back and time to plan a move!
    1.52 pm - Yes! I'm super excited!
    - Me too! Life is good. Its day 5...going strong for now.
    1.54pm- I'm so proud of you!
    - Lets see how the weekend goes...this is the big test
    1.56pm- . For sure
    - Sigh . This drive sucks. Thank goodness its the last time! Hows the vacation going?
    - J.p and ric have their tix. I called my dad again so hopefully I have mine soon. Wanted to make sure you were in the loop cause I wasnt

    3.35 pm- I knew abou ric. I'll get mine this weekend then
    - Now its really happening! Ah this will be great!
    3.36 pm- I cant wait!
    - Me either!
    3.41 pm- Is jp home already?
    - Just got in
    3.47 pm- Nice

    1ST JUNE 2008
    - I maybe home tom. Will isnt calling me back. Are you guys going out tom night?
    3AM- Not sure if I'm going out.I'll be with tony during the day.I really like this kid! Cant wait to see you :)
    - I think I broke my toe. I had a dream where I kicked a bad guy and I woke up kicking a table and crying.
  4. butwhatif?

    butwhatif? New Member

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    2ND JUNE 2008
    - On my way home I'll be out with boys if you are going. Limping, but out
    12am - Glad your home! Sorry I didnt come tonight. I do have a great story for you though. I'll call you tomorrow!
    - So excited. Jp has my phone so I prob wont reply. But I miss you tons and I cant wait to talk to you tom.
    6.27pm - Me too!
    11.59pm- So is it more sad or funny that ric decides to finally spill his real feelings for me after hearing that I made out with tony? Stupid. So stupid. I couldnt wait for him forever and i'm truly glad that I didnt. Anyway...i can wait to hear your story from last night!

    3RD JUNE 2008
    - I made out with a guy last night!
    12.13am- You needed a good distraction from firefighter boy. I'm glad!its nice to finally feel wanted by ric but its like I had to move on to get anything out of (incomplete)
    12.13 am - him. I stand by my decisions and i'm really starting to like tony. Everything in due time
    - Dude somehow that went to ric
    12.13am - Haha are you serious? Yours or mine?
    - Mine
    12.27 am- Haha whoops! Thats pretty funny
    - I know!
    5.03pm- so I found the perfect place for us to stock up on essentials for really cheap!
    - Sweet. Where? And are you out of town now? I feel like I havent seen you in forever.
    5.06 – I'm still in town. Taking my mum out to dinner. And the place is a huge dollar store on 50 by the boys house.Its pretty great.you coming out to jukebox 2mor night?
    - Of course. Troys b'day! I have to close but i'll be there after.
    5.08pm – Awesome!
    - You are, yes?
    5.09pm - Oh most definately

    4TH JUNE
    - I have my tickets girlie! Yay! Now its down to you and troy.
    5.16PM- Done deal!
    pm- So i'm not going to lie...tony is pretty incredible. I cant wait to talk to you tonight!
    - Me either. I am closing so i'll be there when I can be
    6.39pm - Sounds good love!
    - How many people are in the cab there? I may try to get a ride so I come back with you all
    9.13pm- I'm driving seperately
    - still at work. This blows. I only made 49
    11.08pm -how are you getting here
    - On my way!
    11.35- Bout time!
    - You have a concerned guy in here. Love you many hugs

    6TH JUNE 2008
    - Got a shift
    9.09 pm - What time do you get off tonight?
    - Hopefully a little after 10
    9.46 pm- I came into work. Huge mistake.I tried to help set up for an event and got roped into staying a few hours.
    - Good thing I worked then! When are you done?
    9.49PM – No idea soon hopefully. I'm tired already
    - Done now.
    - I think i'm just going to head downtown. Lemme know when you get out

    7TH JUNE 2008
    - I heart you
    - I hit a guardrail. Thank god i'm ok and I didnt get a DUI. My car is ****ed. I'll find out how bad in the morning. I think my nose bleed from the airbag. This bites

    5.19am – Hunny i'm glad your ok! Jesus that message scared the crap out of me
    - Please call and wake me up when you get up. I need to talk. I messed up real bad. I need my friend.
    5.19am- You know i'm here...always!
    - I love you 5.20 am – I love you too. I'm glad your ok
    - Thanks. Go back to sleep. I'll talk to you tom. I'm pretty sure i'm fine. I'll know when I wake up. Hopefully I can fix this tom.
    8TH JUNE 2008
    - Not doing as good now. I totally broke down at work. That car was the only thing in my life that was mine. I have no home that is my own. I dont even sleep in my own bed. My car was my thing.
    4.16pm – are you going to be ok?
    - I have to be. I have to work. I'm just going to have to do it
    4.18pm - Please call me if you need and talk. Definitely call me when you get off.
    - Will do. I'm closing now but I should be done by 11. i'll call on my walk home
    sounds good love. Hang in there !

    7.03pm you hangin in there?
    - Yeah. I got it together. I just needed to get out of cry mode7.05pm- I'm so proud of you love!
    10.03pm – I'm heading to bed but message me when you get back to the boys house. I love you girl! :hugs
    - Will do. Love you tons!
    - We are home.the boys helped me to close. They are great.

    11.27pm love you too. I'll call you in the morning
    - Looking forward to it

    9TH JUNE 2008

    2.27pm - What time do you work today?
    - 5
    12. 29pm - How are you feeling today?
    - Pretty good. Still sad, but physically fine
    12.31pm - The sadness will surpass. Glad youre not sore
    - Me too. I just tidied the boys place and i'm doing laundry. Trying to stay busy but its hard when not at home.
    12.35pm- Yeah I know that feeling. What time are you off tonight?
    - No idea. I'll have a better idea when I get there. Earliest 8 latest 12
    12.38pm- Alright. Cool. I'm staying at the boys house tonight so we can all hang out.
    - Awesome!
    3.36 pm -Caylee just pooped in her potty for the first time!
    3.43 pm – Sorry. Proud momma moment
    - I'm proud too! Congrads! 8.00pm- What time are you getting off?
    - Should be only 10 more min.Sweep, sort silver, and check out
    10TH JUNE 2008
    6.46 pm- So rick and I are not friends anymore
    - What happened?
    6.57pm – He finally decided to tell me that he loves me...and unfortunately i'm not there with him anymore. I waited months for this to happen and now that it has I vcant say that he is the only guy I have feelings for. Its like I have to choose.he's throwing everything in my face .UGH

    - That sucks hun. I'll call when I get off. I also have to get a new job. New management sucks. I'm thinking fri for jacks
    6.59pm - He wants me to still date him knowing that i'm starting to like tony. I cant do that. I'm not that person.I respect him to much to do that

    8.54pm - I'm working all day tomorrow so I'm good for whatever day we can go up to jville.
    - So I just got off. A friend gave me a ride so i'm back at the boys. Awake and in need of a chat?
    9.06pm- Oye! Yeah we will definitely talk later

    11TH JUNE 2008
    12.18am - What time do you work tomorrow? I'm in and out of sleep. Stupid drama
    - I should be free bt 3 and 6
    12.19am - Ok cool thats perfect
    -Go to bed. Love you tons
    12.21 am - Love you too! Night

    12TH JUNE 2008
    10.24 am –I'm getting ready to make a stupid late call for work. I'll call you back ina bit!
    12.05am - How is it?
    - Chill only like one hot guy
    12.06 am - Boo. We need to find you one
    - I know. Maybe fri those kind of guys like my ass
    * - All good

    13TH JUNE 2008
    6.16am - I'm on the way to the hospital with my dad. I'll call you when I can
    - Oh my god. Take care , my prayers are with you
    6.19 am - Thanks love
    - I was just saying i'm renting a car. Be with your family
    - I love you and call me anyway. Hugs, I everything is ok
    7.50am - My dad almost had a stroke. We are still waiting for him to get checked out. I promise I will call you asap
    - Like it was your fault. Things happen. I just want your dad to be ok 7.55am - He will be. He just gave my mum and I a huge scare
    - Good. Then all is well
    * - 10 keys made. Done.
    - So I have most everything packed. Think I can move it over tom?

    7.56 am - Probably tomorrow afternoon.I'll call you later. Sorry your not coming
    - Me too, its just been a long day. And tom will be long too. I have a few things to do still before I go to rics. Just getting it done.
    8.10pm - Yeah you have to do it. If you change your mind let me know
    - Will do. Love you tons. And again i'm so glad your dad is ok
    8.12pm - la ya too! I'm glad he's alright. He's stubborn

    14TH JUNE 2008
    - Hey do you think we can tow my car to your place? We are going to fix it and sell it. I just have to put it somewhere until my dad can come up to do the work. Prob the first week of july.
    - Ok I finally got will going. We are about to leave to see his buddy about towing . Where is tonys place so I can tell them and the name of it again?
    6.09pm- Sutton place. O university between goldenrod and forsyth
    - Sweet . Thanks love once I have details I will text.
    pm- Awesome
    - We are on our way with the tow truck to my house so we should be at tonys in like 308.20 pm - Awesome
    8.21pm- He said it doesnt ,matter where you park it
    - Awesome thanks to you both
    8.23pm- Anytime love! I'll get it towed to the house one day this week
    - You dont think we can leave it there?
    8.25pm - Actually we probably could. I dont see why not. I'll check with the people at his clubhouse tomorrow morning
    - I can get a cover for it. It just seems silly to keep towing it.
    8.27pm- Agreed that'll work
    - Is it on the left or right?
    8.55pm – Depends on which way youre coming. If youre coming from goldenrod its on the left.from 436 or forsyth its on the right.

    15TH JUNE 2008
    - So i'm gonna job hunt tom. Wee
    8.15pm – Good stuff love!

    16TH JUNE 2008 mon
    * - I think I have cramps for the first time in 3 years. This sucks! I forgot how much it hurts.
    * - So i'm not feeling good so I'm just going to crash at the boys. I'll call I the morning.

    17TH JUNE 2008
    - What is your address? I'm going to the post office to do a change of address in a little

    11.28am – 4937 hopespring drive orlando fl 32829
    - Thanks!

    11.30am – Anytime love

    19TH JUNE 2006

    1.06pm - Call me when your headed over to see your car
    - I'm on my way.

    24TH JUNE 2008 Tuesday
    2.12pm – Leaving work in a few. I'll call you on my way to the house.
    - Okie
    3.39pm – dont buy the whole store!
    - But I wanna! 3.40pm – Haha then do it :)
    * - I'll do it tom...I'm lazy now
    25TH JUNE 2008
    - On Sat want to go to storage with me to make a game plan?
    9.08pm – What time saturday?
    - I miss our stone table chats
    9.08 pm –Me too!

    26TH JUNE 2008
    1.41pm - I need a freakin vacation

    27TH JUNE 2008

    11. 34am – There was definitely part of a dead animal plastered to the frame of my car
    11.49am – My car ran out of gas again
    11.58am- Two weeks in a row...on friday..my stupid car runs out of gas.wow
    * - I'm still not out. But I think I made like 150. i'm exausted tho. I'm going to stay on this side of town. I dont drive far tired
    11.24pm – No worries. I'll call you in the morning
    - Have fun!
    28TH JUNE
    8.37am – Call me after you get up and whatnot
    - Storage hun. I was supposed to have my stuff out by now

    29TH JUNE
    10.25am - Can I borrow you and your gas can today?

    11.24 am – ****. I forgot
    - Sorry ! Hey my camera is being shipped to your house. What should I do about that? 12.38 pm – How soon?
    - I dont know. Once its fixed?
    2.46pm – I wasnt sure if it was already done. Have it sent to the house. I have a ot of details to fill you in on. I'll call you later on

    30TH JUNE 2008 Monday
    9.22am - What time do you work today?
    - Not thismorning. I couldnt pick up. I'm in at 5
    1ST JULY
    11.02 am – So youre working all day today, correct?
    - Hopefully
    am – Ah. I work til 5. are you closing?
    - Well see. Its ricardos last night in town so I should prob chill w him. But we will see where the night goes.Oh, bbq at wills for the 4th. Then to eola for fireworks
    11.06am – Well if not maybe we can grab a drink

    11.10am – Done deal . I'd like to see ric before he leaves
    - I should be out of here by 11. thanks god I managed to close. He is really watching out for me
    1.19pm – Sorry was talking to my crazy mother
    * - sweet - Hey are you going to fusion tonight?
    - I am when I get off work. Probably around 11 or 12
    10.19pm – Good! Call me when you leave
    11.46pm - On my way

    2ND JULY

    6.50pm- Not good. Still hungry. I'm going to eat soon
    9.51pm – Hows the close looking?
    10.15pm – Alright i'll kill time until then
    pm – Sounds like a plan love

    3RD JULY 2008 Thursday

    9.46.pm- hey you. You have no hostess

    4TH JULY 2008
    12.27am – Jp and I are good
    1.17am – are you serious? I'm not joking %-) thats not good at all. Did you check the car just in case?
    1.19am – where the hell did you put it? Thats crazy
    1.20am – jesus ; -( do you wnt me to come back and help you look?
    1.22 am- yeah we just need to find it.piece of mind, right
    1.25am - honey :( god that sucks. It will turn up. No doubt. You going to be up or are you going to bed?
    1.26 am - I feel bad for not paying more attention
    1.28AM - :.( i'm sorry love. Let me know if I can help

    5TH JULY 2008
    11.12am – what did you forget thismorning?
    11.13 am – that sux. Glad its not that far

    6TH JULY 2008
    5.38pm – hello love. what the verdict? Any luck?
    5.41pm - %) find jp's keys?
    5.44pm – haha geez. I'm sorry hun. I'll help you look before you leave. Might as well
    5.52pm- potentially...any cover?

    7TH JULY 2008
    8.11am - sorry I didnt text you back!i couldnt find my phone. Stupid silent settings. Blah. You know will went back and bought that...oh that boy! Call me later love
    8.16AM – yes maam!works for me.glad you got your apt.definately good. Willis too damn sweet I swear
    12.36pm – what time do you work?
    2.41pm – my mum said it hasnt. I'm going to call again later
    3.30pm – sounds good. I'll be here
    3.33pm – goodness! Might as well...right?
    3.45pm- haha I hate those!thats all useful stuff though.they have great underwear and bathing suits.i just got underwear on thursday with melissa
    3.48pm – nice.i think I do too sadly
    3.50pm – haha agreed
    - hey , is there any way to get rics money by tom?
    9.44pm – i'll check my account. Good call
    -he asked so I passed it on.9.56pm – I appreciate it. Ireally wish he could talk to me himself though.it is what it is
    - he knows we talk a lot.
    JULY 8TH 2008

    5.45am – you on your way?
    - yup
    5.46am – alright cool.
    -i'm just stopping at 711. coffee?
    5.48am – i'm good. Thanks though.
    - 5 mins. I'm on forsythe
    5.50am – cool i'll meet you downstairs
    6.55am – seriously i'm already back at tonys.keep me updated on your flight. Be careful love!
    -OMG. I'm still in the check in line. Thank goodness we came so early! - 5 more people
    9.13am – hope you find some potential latin lovers;)
    -always . Its unfortunate I dont generally find spanish men attractive.
    -haha its families and old people on this plane
    - - safe and on the ground!

    10.47am – nice! Glad your safe! Cant wait to get my happy ass down there
    -dude this house is amazing
    - its awsome here.

    3.32pm – I can only imagine!the weather here sucks. Boo
    - seeing the water and cliffs made me a little homesick for the ship
    3.37pm – I bet!
    - I'm trying to get this butter unwrapped..but little bugs kee biting me. 9 bites! Nope 11.
    3.49pm – ew stupid bugs

    JULY 9TH 2008
    10.45am – so hows the weather?

    JULY 10TH 2008

    8. AM- so i'm looking at a couple more places today and finding a flight tonight :)

    JULY 11TH 2008

    7.30pm – i'll still call you later...but I dont know if i'm going to be able to come out there at all. I'm going to decide tonight and i'll let you know either way. If I do i'll be out there early tomorrow morn

    JULY 15TH 2008

    8.10am I got it. Youre in around 2.30. i'll see you then!
    4.53pm – I think your camera is at my parents. I'll check later to be sure
    5.30pm – oh ok. My mum texted me something about it
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    Jesse's texts to Amy......

    20TH JULY 2008
    6.56pm – ok well tell hime this is just a frien thing to help and for all of us to talk to each other
    7.59pm – he should not have talked to a detective...loh well.there will be a big hole but it will help
    8.11pm -its like who wants to be a millionaire
    8.41pm- leaving the anthony house now
    8.56 pm- going to be ten mins late
    9.17pm- thats cool sorry about being late

    21st July 2008
    9.11pm – there are pictures of caylee and I online with a question”do they look alike?

    22nd July 2008
    1.42am – still up? We can text if u are
    2.26am – HAHA what a fitting film
    2.36am – talked to lee.confirmed some stuff about casey.good thing we can all still help from the new office space.the reward is up to over 100 thousand dollars. We dont have to see her but we could see her reach out to us. Just out of curiosity, why did you, troy and ricardo go to peurtorico seperqately?
    9.40am – you guys keep your ticket stubbs?
    10.21 am – just might come up. Donthave to be a genius to realise that county will ask you guys if yoou have proof you flew out of town while caylee was missing
    11.29am wont take a genius or the feds to start talking to you guys bout thatb trip because you three left at diff times to out of the country while caylee was unaccounted for. Know hat I mean?
    2.29pm – you and the guys wanna get together tonight.
    2. – if she gets out we just need to mobilize
    2.45.pm- cool rick? He has a nickname
    2.58pm - shorter than amy? So is it just A ?or am?
    3.00 pm – harris rosen has steped up and said he will help anyway he can! So awesome!
    3.14pm – orange county is saying the smell in the car is def human decomp.
    3.17pm – what, when?
    3.28pm – keep that.dont tell anyone else.county will want to know that
    3.21pm – really? Dead animal why?
    3.33pm – will do. Dont tell anyone that....not even the boys. We may have just strengthened the timeline
    3. 3 pm– ok tell troy not to tell anyone! Very important. Ears everywhere. How are things going downtown? Do you know who harris rosen is?
    3.51pm – they are coming. Harris is a billionaire landowner and hotel guy. He own the rosen hospitality school.i reached out to him and he is on vacation but got my message and has put his support behind us in any possible
    3.54pm - not good news in the hearing.the k9 alerted to human decomp in both the trunk of the car and backyard of the house near her playset
    4.05pm- she isnt getting out
    4.09pm – yeah...this is making me sick
    4.48 pm - when do you go in to pick up?
    5.42pm – oh ok and ric is just as gullible as the rest of us obviously he will never know.
    5.46pm- I have to find out if i'm talking to melich tonight
    5.48 pm - will do
    6.28 pm – I am in
    6.49pm when and where are we meeting?
  6. butwhatif?

    butwhatif? New Member

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    WW's texts to Amy

    July 11th 2008
    6.39pm – hope u guys r having fun. I wish I was there I need 2 get out of here robin wants to come over and I dont want to hang out with her iwant casey.

    July 16th 2008

    12.37am – the cops just called me. They have her phone.where is she? I sware I will do n e thing 4 her.
    1.21am – I cant believe this is happening there gas to be something going on.she would not do this.
    2.55am- it sucks to know it was all fake the first week was all a lie
    3.01am – it was all alie I knew anyone couldnt like me I myspaced her.this only happens on tv. Dusty swares this is a hox tords me
    1.54pm – how twisted is my head to have 95 % n common with casey and her ba wackjob
    8.04pm – she told the cops caylee was with a ladybcalled zenaida
    11.05pm this sucks

    July 17th 2008

    9.32am I hope this is a better day for you
    11.02 am well know 1 can c casey for 7 to 8 days
    11.02 how do they know your her friend?
    12.16 oh wow y dont they take that time they have and look for kaylee?
    1.25pm – do you want to hang out later. I'm kinda pissed off.
    11.15pm – caseys car is in the pound and they are looking for something in the backyard i'll let you watch it later. If you ever want compny let me know.
    1.35pm – yep we havent hung out in 3 wks plus this all sucks plus I miss casey the one that was not weird

    July 18th 2008

    10.44am – let me know if you find out about the csi on the car or if you find out n e thingpls. Hope your good.we need 2 hang out 2nite
    2.07pm - well that sucks nope not gay here so wewe doing something 2nite
    6.48pm come to the back door
    7.04pm – are you at the search?

    July 19th 2008
    9.19am – dont forget to call about caseys mum or the cops about what you remembered
    8.59pm back booth tonight its your birthday
    9.17pm happy birthday miss amy
    9.58pm call me when you get out. I'm at j'ps

    July 21st 2008
    3.52pm who said we were friends.lol
    11.46pm – how was wrk.i dont think they will let her out at 1. that would not be good and what if she tries to kill herself

    July 22nd 2008
    11.12 am houlihans doesnt have the local news. Let me know if you hear anything
  7. JBean

    JBean Retired WS Administrator

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    bump for discussion
  8. zoey

    zoey Well-Known Member

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    thanks for all the hard work...had to have taken a few minutes...:blowkiss:

    find it interesting what went on after July 15....:eek:
  9. waltzingmatilda

    waltzingmatilda Verified Insider-Roy Moore

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    Thank you JBean! This is very interesting.
  10. JBean

    JBean Retired WS Administrator

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    You are very welcome. there is all kinds of investigative type threads up in the sticky forum. But unfortunately, not everyone goes up there.
    Judging from some of the latest topics, we need something more substantial to chew on until new docs come out LOL.
    So I brought a handful of threads into the main forum. Many posters have been working extremely hard to put this puzzle together and I hope more posters involved with the sticky forum investigation.
  11. zoey

    zoey Well-Known Member

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    kinda like are own little WS doc dump.....:blowkiss:
  12. JBean

    JBean Retired WS Administrator

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    There ya go! :)
  13. marla

    marla Former Member

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    Thank you for all the hard work .. :blowkiss:
    These text message are great!


    Thanks again! :seeya:
  14. Sara Barracuda

    Sara Barracuda New Member

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    these are interesting, thank you for the hard work that went into these posts! i'm picturing a huge room at the OCSO dedicated solely to this case with boxes upon boxes of evidence and tables shrewn with pages of documents, etc... what a mess!
  15. LisaNY

    LisaNY New Member

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    These text messages are great, excellent work. Does anyone know if the text messages between ca / kc were ever released?
  16. warbuckle

    warbuckle New Member

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    My take from the texts message from Amy to KC. KC was on her period and caylee was just getting over a cold. I wonder if JB will use PMS as a defense?
  17. s1rebecca

    s1rebecca New Member

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    Why does she say mum? and love like she Brittish?

    Not one mention of Caylee being missing, not one in all her texts.
  18. vanjett

    vanjett New Member

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    Laughing at PMS defense. I am shocked at how clear the pattern looks here on the texts put all together. She is busily IMing Amy for weeks then stops....Amy initiates contact again and slowly things are back to her normal.
    The other thing I notice is how crazy it is... that one day Casey is excited about Caylees Potty accomplishment, and then Casey is bothered about giving Caylee a cold and then a few weeks later Sweet Caylees death. I can't imagine Casey's mind. It makes my whole body sick.
  19. ChasingMoxie

    ChasingMoxie Member

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    HUGE compilation of text messages, some of which I hadn't seen. The ones from JG on 7/16 are telling:

    "Thirty two days? Is that a misprint?"

    -followed by-

    "Um...did not think it had been that long since we talked. Thought she was just at the beach with her nanny. Wow... again we'll be praying."

    These have probably been out before and I just forgot about them. Also It's insane how many people requested to be her myspace.com friend once this hit the news.
  20. Broderick

    Broderick New Member

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    There are new ones there I am pretty sure.
  21. LVCindy

    LVCindy New Member

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    Does anyone recall reading text messages sent from JesseG to others besides Casey, sent shortly after she was arrested the first time, making reference to the fact that LE are going to ask questions of the 3 that went to Puerto Rico together (Amy, Ricardo and another whose name escapes me at the moment) because they all flew out at separate times?

    I ran across those texts yesterday on a post here somewhere, and for the life of me, I haven't been able to relocate them again, but...it mentioned the name of a possible Casey "benefactor" who is a well-known Orlando hotel magnate.

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