Thank You to All Our Service Men and Women

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by Tricia, Nov 11, 2019.

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    Today is Veteran's Day.

    Almost all of us can say we have/had someone close to us in the armed forces.
    My dad was stationed in London in WWII but was recruited for The Office of Strategic Services which eventually became the C.I.A. He had blond hair, blue eyes and spoke fluent German. He was sent to Berlin. I assume it was days after Germany fell because he talked about being in Berlin right after it was bombed and all he could smell were the decaying bodies.
    He refused to talk about his time in the Strategic Services except for 3 random statements:
    *He said he once had to deliver some papers under a bush
    *He was sent to a park to meet a double agent (an allie who was actually working for the other side) and was ordered to arrest him but if he ran he was to shoot him. The guy never showed up.
    *The U.S. government provided him and a few others with a fantastic mansion where they threw a lot of parties. Again assuming this was after Germany fell.
    That's where he met my British mother. She walked in on the arm of a general and he turned to his friend and said "I'm going to marry that beautiful woman" and he did.

    To all our wonderful veterans both fallen and living thank you for your service.
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  2. Elley Mae

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    WWII veteran and 32 yr Police Officer, Thanks Dad for helping to keep us safe here and afar.

    RIP old man you are not forgotten. ❤️
  3. oceanblueeyes

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    I am so proud of my entire family who have been filled from generation to generation with this honorable title.

    They all are proud American veterans. There are too many to list or all of their individual high achievements while serving in either the USMC, Army, Navy, AirForce or CoastGuard. Several of my family members received purple hearts, one even received two for seperate serious injuries they sustained in two different battles.

    Each one of my family members who served continued to serve our country in many ways after becoming a veteran. All raised amazing families, and are hard working, honest, law abiding, and God fearing people.

    I have had the pleasure of seeing how once serving in the military it never leaves them when they come out although rarely will they talk about it.

    Imo, they are very humble people yet very appreciative they were able to serve their country.

    There really isn't anymore selfless sacrifice than to be willing to lay down one's own life for the love of their God, our/their country, freedom, and for all of it's people.

    I have spent the last 3 hours watching the emotional heartwarming ceremonies honoring our nation's veterans on FNN.

    I am so thankful we live in a nation where they all get the respect, and attention they all deserve.

    The veterans there said instead of thanking them for their service, which they appreciate, but they wish others would also ask them when, and where they served. I plan to do so.

    Also FNN had 20 immigrants from many countries become US citizens today. Most have served in our armed service.

    The raw emotions each one showed about how they felt becoming one of our own sisters, and brothers today, brought me to tears at how much they all deeply love America, their own country now.

    And when Lee Greenwood sang "God Bless the USA" I saw strong military men, and women cry.

    How things have changed for all of our serving military, and our beloved veterans in less than 3 short years.

    They finally more than ever before are being given the deserved recognition for all of their countless selfless sacrifices they have made, and continue to make to make America truly the land of freedom, and the home of the brave.

    These amazing individuals, whether now veterans or are currently serving are 1% of our entire population, yet these few extraordinary people who have served... have continued to make America the greatest free nation in the world.

    No words I can ever express can encapsulate my true feelings of what they all mean to me, and how indebted I am for their sacrifices they have made, and continue to make for all of us.

    So I will just say in ending my post.

    Job well done my brothers, and sisters.

    You all really are an exceptional band of brother-sisterhood, both in the past, present, and into the future forevermore.

    I have slept easier at night because I know you're the honorable men, and women who have always been there to protect us, always standing watch 24/7 each, and every minute of each day.

    Even though I know so many of you were away for long months or even years at a time away from your own beloved country, and your much loved families you had to leave behind.


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  4. Cheezitgirl

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    Thank you to all who have served and also their families!
  5. book-thinker

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    I’m a proud veteran as is my husband and
    my father.

    I had an appointment at my local veterans
    hospital on Friday. The coffee place their provided free Starbucks drinks. We (Veterans)appreciate people remembering each of us.

    My father served in both a world war 2
    and Vietnam. He died years later from the efforts of the agent orange spray.
    He was proud to have served his country.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  6. Tripod

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    I, too, so very much appreciate our veterans, living and dead, for their selflessness and sacrifice. I am forever in awe of these men and women, and forever indebted to them.
    My dad, uncles, an aunt, cousins, and ancestors all served from Revolutionary times, during the Civil War, up through today. God bless them all.

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