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    Before you make your next reservation to stay at a hotel or motel, go to Family Watchdog's website and enter the address of the establishment in the "search by location" box - You just may have second thoughts...
    Family Watchdog's Link;

    Many (if not all) states DOC's are putting registered sex offender's up at local motels or hotels. They justify it claiming that residence restrictions make it difficult, if not impossible, for RSO's to find housing. Personally I think this is BS but I'd like to hear what others here think on the issue. I think that if a motel/hotel has a RSO(s) staying there, they should have to disclose it to their guests. I also feel that RSO's should have a letter or a mark on their driver's license or state id that identifies them as a RSO (just like DD'd do) and every hotel or motel should be required to ask to see the id's of every adult guest that will be staying there. I think it could be said in a non-alarming way/tone; something along the lines of.."We'd like to make you aware that we have a RSO staying here tonight..." For guests who were already checked in (before a RSO arrives), perhaps a pre-recorded message that automatically calls each guest's room with the message and the guest has to push #1 to verify that they heard/got the message; until the guest verifies they heard/got the call, it would automatically call back every 5 minutes...

    I hope to (eventually) fill this thread with media snippets & links to articles covering this issue from every state, city and/or town. I also think it would be interesting - and revealing - for all of us to check out our own local motels/hotels on Family Watchdog's website and see how many RSO's are listed at those addresses, hmmm...

    Queensbury, New York

    Queensbury officials alarmed by many sex offenders in one motel

    QUEENSBURY -- Town officials plan to look into whether they can enact a sex offender notification law after learning that, as of Tuesday, as many as 14 registered sex offenders were living in a motel on Big Boom Road.

    Supervisor Dan Stec said he planned to ask the Town Board to look into a law similar to the one being proposed in Lake Luzerne and the one enacted in Colonie, limiting the number of sex offenders that can stay in a motel or hotel and requiring motel owners to register with the town, pay a fee and post a notice if housing registered sex offenders.

    Stec's comments came after he was told The Post-Star found that as many as 14 registered sex offenders, all men, are living at the Best Inn Motel. The motel has about 48 rooms.

    Two of the men told a reporter the sex offenders were placed in the motel by the Warren County Department of Social Services, and that the Department of Social Services also puts families there for temporary housing,

    A search of the motel's address - 24 Big Boom Road - on the Offender Watch website, lists 14 registered sex offenders at that address. The Warren County Sheriff's Office contracts with Offender Watch to inform the public about the whereabouts of registered sex offenders.

    Eight of the 14 are Level 3 offenders, determined to be at the highest risk of re-offending. Six Level 2 offenders are also listed at that address. Information about Level 1 offenders is not public.

    A review of public sex offender records at 16 other motels in the region that house clients from county departments of social services found no more than three registered sex offenders listed at any of one address.

    The Budget Inn in Moreau had three listed at its address, while Rodeway Inn in Queensbury, Madden Hotel in Glens Falls and Crest Inn in Moreau had two. Several others had one.

    The Post-Star began looking into the issue last week, when a reader contacted the paper after receiving a notice from the Queensbury Union Free School District saying that five Level 2 or Level 3 sex offenders had recently moved into the Best Inn Motel. The reader said he called the motel, and was told the notice was not accurate.

    A reporter who called the Best Inn on Tuesday morning without identifying himself and spoke with manager Paresh Patel was also told the notice was inaccurate.

    The reporter also attempted to interview Patel in person later Tuesday after speaking with two of the registered sex offenders in their rooms, and Patel again said the school notice sent out by the Sheriff's Office was wrong.

    He said no sex offenders were staying in the motel, but when shown a list of names from the Offender Watch website, he said he was not aware of the background of the residents. Patel pointed to one man on the list - Level 3 offender Eric Larkin - and said he no longer lived there.

    When asked if he knew that sex offenders were living in the motel, Patel told a reporter to leave.

    One of the sex offenders interviewed Tuesday said he had been living there for three weeks and another said he had been there for nearly three months after being placed there by the Warren County Department of Social Services.

    One of the men, a Level 3 offender who spoke on condition his name not be published, said he understood that 16 registered sex offenders were living at the motel.

    Convicted six years ago of misdemeanor sexual misconduct, the man said he had been at the motel since early February, after losing his apartment when he was charged with misdemeanor assault. He said was trying to get out of the motel but hadn't been able to find an apartment.

    Level 2 sex offender Christopher DeLorenzo, a state prison parolee who shares a room with a Level 3 sex offender, said he has told friends who have contemplated staying at the motel not to stay there because of the number of sex offenders.

    "The Department of Social Services puts families with kids here. It's ridiculous," he said.

    Above article written by DON LEHMAN; Published on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 7:37 pm
    Read the rest of the story at the following link;

    Wyoming, Michigan

    Target 8: Motel or sex offender house?
    DOC pays the bill

    WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) - The Web site for the Grand Rapids Inn on 28th Street SW lists its many amenities: free USA Today newspapers, jacuzzi rooms -- and kids stay free.

    It is also home to 60 registered sex offenders -- most staying at the expenses of the state.

    A woman living at the motel with her three young children, ages 3, 8 and 12, was surprised to learn from 24 Hour News 8 that registered sex offenders were living there. Most of the rooms directly above her are occupied by men on the state's sex offender registry.

    "Not 60?" she said.

    A clerk at the motel, 250 28th St. SW, said it was kid-friendly, with an arcade and swimming pool.

    The state Department of Corrections pays the bill for most of the men -- more than $18 a day -- a total of perhaps $20,000 a month. Some of the offenders pay part of their bill, said Corrections spokesman Russ Marlan.

    Most are parolees, part of a state program to move them back into society.

    "I'm helping the state to house them in transition until they get integrated back to their homes where they came from," said motel manager Albert Helme.

    The state says the program is working.

    About half of all parolees -- not just sex offenders -- go through the Michigan Prisoner Re-Entry Program after leaving prison. The program includes finding places for many of them to live while they make the transition.

    The program looks for homes in neighborhoods, at apartment complexes and, sometimes, at motels, Marlan said.

    Above article written by Ken Kolker;Published: Thursday, July 30, 2009, 6:01 PM EDT
    Read the rest of the story at the following link;

    San Francisco, California

    Sex offenders allowed to stay at hotels

    SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA (KGO) -- It's a scary thought. The next time you're staying at a hotel with your family-- could there be a registered sex offender in the next room? The answer is yes. It is part of a state policy on how to handle these offenders, but is under new scrutiny.

    "They ended up telling their sister, and the sister told mom, and mom went to the police, and I was arrested," says Ted.

    "Ted" is a registered sex offender who was arrested for molesting two of his children. ABC7 agreed not to use his real name because he does not want his identity revealed. He served eight years in prison and was paroled last September. Ted now wears a GPS monitoring device and says he is remorseful.

    "I was out of my mind," says Ted.

    "I take full responsibility because of my choices. That's all I can say," says Ted.

    Ted is one of eight registered sex offenders on Megan's list who live at the Travelodge motel in South San Francisco.

    Leona Tavake found out they were here when she was making arrangements for her wedding at a nearby hotel. She checked Megan's list on the Justice Department's website. Megan's Law requires sex offenders to register with local police. They say there have been no reports of incidents involving those living at the Travelodge. Nevertheless, Tavake says the parolees still pose a danger.

    "There's a swimming pool there. I mean, I wouldn't want to take my kids to a swimming pool knowing there are child molesters and sexual offenders. They might get into the pool with them and they might be watching them," says Tavake.

    Megan's list has pictures of Ted, the other sex offenders and the address, but no indication it's a motel. Assemblyman Jeff miller says that information should be included on Megan's list.

    "It's important that people staying at a motel where children are gathering have some form of communication that predators are at that location," says Assemblyman Jeff Miller (R) of Orange County.

    Above article written by Vic Lee;Published on Friday, May 08, 2009
    Read the rest of the story at the following link;
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    It just happened to me.............
    I check RSO in my area about every 4 months.
    Today I found one in a townhouse by me!
    Actually his patio faces the playground area for our complex!
    I went to our ground keepers office and they thought nothing of it.
    They asked why I would even look up about RSO..........imagine!
    Well, I asked a State Trooper here and he said no fliers, but
    it could be mentioned throughout our little community.
    Most of us are retired, but have grandchildren that come often.
    This creep is registered with all the right info.
    Pediophiles have more rights than us.
    Oh and the office girls say he's harmless.........yeah,
    2 young girls were molested by this creep! and porn..........
    I'm doing allot of investigating ...............
    oh and he looks like a really fat John Wayne gacy...........kidding you not!
    6' 1" 270 pounds!!!
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    Passion, arent you happy that you checked? YOU GO GIRL!!!!
    ETA I just checked my surroundings and although I am pretty rural, they are EVERYWHERE! I am also VERY concerned about the ones who havent been caught yet and the poor children who are the victims. CREEPS!

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