The aftermath of the verdict *MERGED*

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Will the 60 mins be stopped from showing the story of TM/AD on Sunday?
Tessa Scott ‏@TessaScott9 24s

#badenclay appeal is against conviction, not sentence. @9NewsBrisbane
Tessa Scott ‏@TessaScott9 24s

#badenclay appeal is against conviction, not sentence. @9NewsBrisbane

So maybe they are trying to get it downgraded to manslaughter? Alioop will know.
Thanks BJ

An incredibly worthwhile interview to listen to!

As WS's have been stating in advance many 'mates' and insiders likely to come forward now.
Kate Kyriacou ‏@KateKyriacou 1m

Second point of appeal by defence is long, so I'll break it up into a few tweets. #badenclay

A miscarriage of justice occurred because the jury should have been, but was not, directed that the presence of the deceased's #badenclay

...blood in a motor vehicle was only relevant if the jury was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the presence of blood was #badenclay

...attributable to an injury sustained to the deceased's body on the evening of 19 April 2012 or the morning of 20 April 2012. #badenclay

Whatever ... they were, this is BS.

Dear Gerard, decent men don't belittle their wives
July 17, 2014 - 12:21PM by Madonna King

[Excerpt] "...You see Gerard a decent man would never belittle his wife in the way you did each day. He wouldn’t reduce women to play things, telling the world on a website he didn’t want to be married, and taking his mistress along for a ride.
He wouldn’t laugh at his wife’s underclothes, or tell her she smelled. He’d be bright enough to understand he married up the chain, so to speak, and would treasure every day his wife wanted to be by his side.
Knowing he killed her, Gerard, a decent man couldn’t sit in court besmirching her reputation, telling fanciful stories of her having suicidal tendencies and being unable to cope"[End Excerpt]...

Excellent article well worth a read IMO.
This wont get through .. chances of him being granted an appeal .. flat zero IMO.
Justin Quill, the director of Kelly Hazel Quill Lawyers, has previously said Baden-Clay would not be able to appeal the length of the sentence, but may have "very good" grounds to appeal the conviction.

"Potentially there is an appeal on conviction – that could be on a whole stack of grounds," he said.

"Those grounds could be the exclusion of particular pieces of evidence.

"It could be taking the judge to task on the precise wording of the charge or the answers to the questions. The answers to the questions are crucial."
Tessa Scott ‏@TessaScott9 38s

We have a copy of the #badenclay appeal. Grounds are: verdict was unreasonable, was a miscarriage of justice. @9NewsBrisbane
Tessa Scott ‏@TessaScott9 54s

Appeal document says #badenclay does not wish to be present when court considers appeal. @9NewsBrisbane
Gerard Baden-Clay a controlling husband who demeaned wife Allison
GERARD Baden-Clay was a controlling husband who repeatedly used cruel words to demean his wife and prevented her from seeing her friends.
The former real estate agent – and now convicted murderer – described Allison throughout his six-week trial as a woman so gripped by depression that she seldom left the house.
But those closest to Allison say it was Gerard who kept her from her friends, denigrating her and leaving a once vivacious woman with self-confidence issues.
They said it was difficult to know what to say when Allison told them stories of how she was treated by her husband.
“She put up with enough from him without having us lecture her,’’ one said.

That is just heartbreaking :tears: What an absolute modsnip that man is! I bet he didn't want her at the event, no doubt Toni was there.

I still don't understand why NBC and OW were allowed to berate Allison yet no one was allowed to do the same to Gerard. And let's face it, there's no shortage of people who have happily got up there.
So the self righteous grub is going to go on with his deceit for as long as he possibly can, if his family continue to stand by him after all this, then I hope their lives are as miserable as his and I hope the government make them sell their belongings to pay for his legal aid. Spineless weasel of a man, I feel sorry for Toni McHugh's Ex Husband as well, seeing he has had his and his children's lives upended because of this man as well...Loads of innocent victims in GBC's wake....I bet when they ask Toni McHugh if she thinks he killed Allison she will either say "no" or " I dont know", I doubt very much she will admit to the monster he is seeing it will show what a fool she was to leave her family for him.

I am really p&ssed off with this appeal, I need to get off this case for a while, I feel I have been reading about scum for years and finally after he has been convicted, he has to continue with his lies, deceit and arrogance to appeal.

Family of grubs, I would swap all the GBC's who support him for Allison under that bridge any day of he week..

Im going to TO myself for a while now..

Are the defence and the grubs going to make another attempt to denigrate and drag Allison through the mud again????
I remember OW saying she hopes there is no miscarriage of Justice.
Dont worry OW Im sure there hasnt been. You can try but IMO, nope ,nothing ,nada. ....

Sister defends Baden-Clay

Gerard Baden-Clay's sister backs her brother who is charged with murdering his wife, saying she hopes there is no "miscarriage of justice".

Read more:
Once a liar, cheater, swindler, adulterer : always so : I'm fairly sure statistics can attest to same.

What do psychologists say : Future behaviour can be predicted on the basis of past behaviour...!!

Trust and have faith in the system WS's : many good, intelligent people pull together to make it work.

Appeal schameal. Have a crack GBC : what else are you gonna do ????

And please, please, please be funded by TM's interview (and the BC mansion...!)

That is just heartbreaking :tears: What an absolute modsnip that man is! I bet he didn't want her at the event, no doubt Toni was there.

I still don't understand why NBC and OW were allowed to berate Allison yet no one was allowed to do the same to Gerard. And let's face it, there's no shortage of people who have happily got up there.

It's too hard to hit on random women when your wife is present.
When will, this nightmare stop for the Dickie's, family & friends....?? :tantrum:
My theory on the cut on G's hand - she stabbed him with a stick - it was all she would have had access to. ETA: or keys, someone else mentioned back a bit in the other thread.

I thought more about this (again I haven't seen these injuries on his hands), and maybe everything happened on the back porch.
There was evidence of a bleed from her head which could have been caused by hitting her head on the concrete.

Having it happen on the back porch fits with a lot of what we know.

- Kids where home. Risk of them hearing something, so they were outside talking/arguing.
- (suspected) wound on the head could be from hitting her head on the concrete. **
- Explains the leaves in her hair much more than them getting picked up whilst carrying/dragging the body to the car
- Explains the (suggested) screams heard that night and why (if it happened) it didn't wake the kids.

I wonder if forensics inspected the back porch in depth. I know they had plenty of photos from inside and found no evidence of foul play (suggested he cleaned up).
If that was true, a stick or some other object could have been used as well as fingernails.

**“If this was a true injury, it indicates a blunt force impact to the head, probably of a moderate degree of force. Subdural haemorrhage can occur without a skull fracture,” Dr Milne said.

Read more:
I was just wondering that too! True to form, it's all about him!

I know, I really worry about how much more they can take. Mr Dickie looks like a broken man. Has to be taking a toll on their health. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
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