The Biggest Crime...???

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    THE BIGGEST CRIME...??? (I'm listening; are you?>_
    Not everyone caught up in JonBenet drama

    Two theories
    Police say after 12 months on the killer's trail, they have two possibilities.

    One, that someone entered the house Christmas night or early on December 26 through unknown means, silently killed the little girl, hid her body and wrote the note.

    The other theory is that the crime was committed by someone who was in the house.
    The biggest crime - after the murder itself - was committed shortly after noon, when Detective Linda Arndt asked the murdered girl's father to search the house, and moments later he carried the dead beauty queen's corpse out of the basement. Not only did he irreparably destroy the integrity of the crime scene, but Arndt herself further contaminated the evidence when she moved the girl's body into the living room, then allowed the victim's mother to sob over the corpse.
    let'us pray ??? Two Theories...Two Sticks:=a fire/blaze?...
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