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    A TERRIFIED pensioner told yesterday how attacks by a flock of seagulls left him too scared to leave his home.
    James McNeish said the gulls would swoop and peck at him when he walked out of the door.

    He also said they would stare at him through his windows. :eek:

    The attacks began after a chick fell from a nest into 67-year-old James's garden, in Falkirk.

    The birds would peck ferociously at James's head when he left the house and he had to use an umbrella to fend them off.

    But when he phoned Falkirk Council, he was told it was not their duty to deal with the gulls.

    James and his neighbours were finally forced to call in a pest control firm when the birds began to target children in a nearby playpark.

    James said: 'It was getting beyond a joke.

    'They knocked off my bunnet and started pecking at my head every time I left the house. I was really frightened.'

    James and three of his neighbours spent £234 hiring a pest control firm to destroy the nest and put up wire mesh.

    Despite the damage and fear they cause, seagulls are protected by law.

    Daily Record
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