The dance of the special prosecutors

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    The CUOMO's are famous for creating special prosecutors to give the appearance they are doing something when in fact they are obstructing justice and covering up.

    Mario did it with only the threat of appointing one to the Manhattan DA in the Bernie Goetz case. Goetz was not indicted by the grand jury in the initial presentation to the GJ. Mario told the DA if he doesn't represent it then he (Mario) will appoint a Special Prosecutor that will do it.

    Then we have the 1987-1989 NYS SIC investigation into corruption, etc., of the SCPD/DA. In that case Mario turned his dogs on Suffolk and did NOTHING to protect his people when the poop hit the fan.

    Let us not forget the SP investigation of the Marty Tankleff case after Spota had to get away and his friend Andy the AG was appointed SP. The FIX was in to contain the damage as much as possible. lt only cost the taxpayers $13,375,000.00.

    Then there was the time I wrote Andy a compaint that his pal Spota was guilty of a crime called Misprison of a Felony. Spota withheld information from the Westchester DA/Yonkers PD that he had at least 2 arsonists in his custody that confessed to setting a fire in an occupied building in Yonkers. Andy's office first denied they ever got the letter - I wrote it again. This was followed with a letter advising me the OAG had no jurisdiction in such matters !

    Maybe they should have appointed a special prosecutor?

    The last letter I received by the then AG Cuomo came from his Integrity Bureau stating there was no crime here that he could investigate. The closing signature simply was PIB. He didn't have the guts to have a name put to the letter.
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