Found Deceased The death of Jois Pedone


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Nov 17, 2022
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Jois Pedone was a 19 year old student from Vasto (prov. of Chieti), Italy.
He disappeared on the 21st of August 2022, after work. His shift ended at midnight, he went back home where he met his mum at around 12:50 am and told her he was going to hang out with some friends (that later revealed it wasn't true, he never told them to hang out). He left on a taxi, booked at 3:26 pm the previous day, that brought him to Punta Penna, a local beach. The taxi driver wondered what he had to do there at 1:30 am, all alone.
He was found, deceased, on the 22nd of August, on that same beach. A duffel bag, full of sand/rocks, was used to sink the body. This duffel bag didn't belong to Jois and the taxi driver is 100% sure he wasn't carrying it with him because he would've asked Jois to place it in the trunk.
A "Z" was found on Jois' neck. It was carved with, presumably, a hot blade. This is where things get messy.
Jois' family tells that he was a spiritual person, interested in esotericism and wicca.
He had many online friends whom he shared his interests with, a friend of his talked about a blood oath that he had done with a girl the previous summer.
His grandmother also talked about a girl who was controlling and possessive and, because of this, Jois asked for help to a therapist. We don't know if this girl and the blood oath one are the same person, no info was given about it.
He was seen wearing a "welcome" t-shirt that night, he had never worn it before.

Prosecutors are investigating for incitement to suicide, the case is still unsolved.

Annegato in mare con un peso al piede a 19 anni: la morte di Jois resta un mistero