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    Okay, I have read every conceivable thought pattern on the topic of who killed Jonbenet Ramsey.

    I keep coming back to two facts:

    1) If this were some unknown intruder planning a kidnapping that somehow went bad, he wouldn't have taken time to PRINT that ransom note inside the house. That takes too long and increases the risk of getting caught. No how, no way. If it were a known associate, the same applies. Imagine penning a ransom note (wearing gloves so no finger prints would be on the note) when John or Patsy walks in and say's "Hey Ralph, what are you writing in my kitchen using my pen and paper?". It doesn't fly. I believe that Patsy wrote that letter to cover up for someone.

    2) The DNA is really the only thing that prevents me from definitively stating that John and or Patsy was responsible for the cover up and or death. It is the sole item that really doesn't make any sense. However, if I were intent on muddying the waters, who is to say that I couldn't gather a DNA sample outside the home and transplant it on JB's body and/or clothing.

    I read a pretty plausible theory that jives with mine (mine was that the parents were farming her out for sex) in that one of the parents was allowing JB to be photographed in/for child porn. Something went wrong....perhaps a fourth party...say a friend of the photographer...killed JB. The guilty parent had to both hide it from the other parent and stage this ellaborate cover up that points to everyone and no one at the time.

    Bottom line, someone in that house wrote that note and I think it was Patsy. There was a term about using your good Southern charm or something of the like that was very similar to a phrase Patsy wrote previously. Printing the letter and purposefully making the print different took a long time for such a long note and had to be done in the home. Yes, someone could have torn out the pages during one of their parties, took them out of the home, wrote the note somewhere else, and then brought it back to leave on the stairs. But it was written with Patsy's felt tip pen. Did they take the time and risk of bringing the pen back? Plus, the practice note on the page before the real note......Patsy wrote that.

    It is clear to me that the family was involved with the coverup and possibly the murder and someone took great pains to confuse everyone with conflicting evidence. I true stranger has a vested interest to molest and kill the child and leave as few traces (finger prints, hairs, etc) as possible when making their escape.

    My only question is this: who does it benefit that the crime scene, body, and evidence are so contradictory that no one is ever charged with the crime?

    The Ramseys.

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    Agree, but which one?
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    Whomever wrote the ransom note did so around 12am....the neighbor reports eerie lights on around midnite....

    That is WAY TOOO CLOSE for an intruder to feel comfortable sitting downstairs with eerie lights on being that the Ramseys went to bed as early as 1 - 1/2 hours.

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