The Duggar Family Abuse Scandal Tonight 8 PM Eastern on True Crime Radio

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    Tonight at a few minutes past 8 PM Eastern go to and click on the "Listen Now" at the top of the page. This will take you to iHeart and the True Crime Radio Show tonight with Dr. Lillian Glass and Websleuths Member CarlK
    Chat Room opens at 7:30 PM Eastern

    Everyone is talking about them...the Duggar family or to be more exact the Duggar Family sexual abuse scandal.

    One of the top experts in the world on body language, Dr. Lillian Glass will be with us tonight 8 PM Eastern.

    Later in the show one of our most beloved members, CarlK joins us to update us on the tragic case of Aundria Michelle Bowman and about attending the Missing in Michigan gathering.

    Don't forget every Thursday night at a few minutes past 8 PM Eastern True Crime Radio starts broadcasting.

    Go to then at a few minutes past 8 PM Eastern click on the blue "Listen Now" tab at the top of the page. That takes you to the live broadcast on
    Chat Room opens at 7:30 PM
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