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Discussion in 'Caylee Anthony 2 years old' started by Tricia, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    We had a situation with a thread that I would like to clear up.

    We try not to edit our posters posts. If we see something wrong we notify the poster and ask them to remove it. There is an allotted amount of time for a person to edit their own posts then it locks up with only the mods allowed to edit or delete.

    IF a moderator goes into edit then that moderator's name shows up at the bottom of the thread and the reason for the edit.

    This mostly happens when posters use last names of people who we are trying not to drag through the mud because they are not connected to the direct crime.

    What happened on a thread called the Gist (as far as we can tell,) A moderator made an edit, then the poster made an edit, came out and looked, saw his/her name as the person who edited the post when in reality it was a moderator who had made the original edit.

    That is because the poster was the last one to edit. The only name that shows up is he LAST person to edit the thread.

    So the poster, since he/she was the last one to edit, had her/his name show up and mistakenly thought someone edited their post without their name showing. The poster inadvertently replaced the mod's name with their own.

    Even if you go into the edit function and do not edit anything but hit "save" your name will appear as the last one to edit.

    Ok, Now I have a headache.

    Let me please remind you that if you have a problem you notify one of us via alert or PM. You don't post about how you are not going to put up with people editing your posts.

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