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Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by Nehemiah, Mar 10, 2006.

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    Did LLW ever file a suit against Gov. Owens? On LKL, this is what LLW said:

    KING: Before we take the next call, Lin Wood, do you plan to sue the governor?

    WOOD: Governor Owens has acted in -- I'll put it politely -- an irresponsible fashion toward this family. I think the phrase is that they remain under the umbrella of suspicion. Let me say to Governor Owens, if he's listening, because I understand he critiques these interviews, he might note that I am sitting beside my clients. They're not hiding behind me. Governor Owens remains under the umbrella of litigation in this case. We're going to take a hard look at Governor Owens.

    KING: Will he be liable?

    WOOD: Liable of slander and even a question of whether or not he has violated their rights, because they're entitled to certain rights and protections, and when you're a private citizen not charged with any crime and the governor of a state, the elected official of that state decides to go on a media tour of the talk shows and basically through false statements convey the idea that he thinks that these people are guilty, you bet he's under the umbrella of litigation...
    Think about the people out there in Colorado, too. This man has now twice, back in the fall and again two weeks ago, gone out and publicly stated there's new evidence, new evidence since the grand jury, and then last week, oh, there's been new evidence in the past two weeks, raising people's hopes that maybe there's evidence to solve the crime. And then what happens? Both times the police chief comes out and goes, well, sorry, but there is no new evidence, the governor is wrong.

    I must have missed the Gov. on talk shows, touting the R's guilty *verdict*. What's up with him now? Did LLW bring charges against him?
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    I don't think there was ever a suit against the governor. I expect Lin Wood knew when he spoke that a suit against a government official is difficult at best. He probably just wanted to toast the governor's buns a bit for speaking inappropriately. Kind of like when Nixon almost caused a mistrial in the Manson case.

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