The Innocence Project and Darlie Routier


Who was she? Pregnant & stabbed to death
Oct 1, 2015
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This is never going to end, because it's just a continual stall. Everything has been tested and retested over and over. I don't think the state of Texas really wants all the publicity of putting Darlie to death, so they are just going to let her supporters continue to pour money into endless testing. She's not getting out, so it doesn't really matter. But the lawyers have found a gold mine.
Honestly I agree at this point. She's clearly guilty (in my and most people's opinions). There's been a billion tests, it is what it is. It's ridiculous, but if her supporters want to waste all their time and $$$ with testing, whatever, because it's been done before and she is not getting out thankfully.


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Feb 2, 2011
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Has it been established IP is not taking her case? How does one find that information?


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Nov 14, 2003
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The IP is working with Darlie's appellate lawyer. They got involved in my opinion because she has been sentenced to death and they are now advocates for ending the Death Penalty because her case doesn't fit their criteria. Here is the article that states what they are doing. The DNA testing has ended, long ago. and they are now asking for fingerprints again.

Take it all with a grain of salt, most of that evidence they are talking about in this article has been DNA tested again and again as DNA improved. The bloody fingerprint blood and several other pieces of evidence have been YSTR tested for unknown male dna and none was found.


Sep 14, 2013
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I’ve watched a lot of things on her and at first I believed her, but there are several things that didn’t add up imho.
Her knife used to cut screen, jewelry wasn't taken at sink where clean up occurred, she named 2 men in her jail letters & freaked out on the stand when asked about it, blood under the glass & vacuum, no cuts on her feet, wine glass was latched wouldn't have been knocked down, Domain didn't bark, motion lites not on, she called media herself to film that grave scene. Her mother had the opportunity a few years ago to go on Dr. Phil? Worldwide attn and any dna testing? She refused. Why? She knows her daughter did this. Her fans say necklace was embedded, had to be surgically removed but it simply fell off when bandage removed. Bruising on her arms prob caused by boys kicking her off. Her wounds were superficial & she didn't know what/where carotid was. She was lucky she didn't kill herself. She was such a light sleeper that she would wake up when Drake turned over in his crib yet she slept through all that? She's guilty. Darlie Routier Fact and Fiction – Separating truth from lies in the Darlie Routier trial