The oldest pretzel ever found was bake day disaster

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    The oldest pretzel ever has been dug up in Bavaria, Germany. It was only conserved because it - along with a croissant and a bread roll - had been charred black by the baker and thrown in the trash, as long ago as 1700.

    What gave me a giggle is the comment from Dorothee Ott, spokesperson for the Bavarian Office for Historical Conservation who said, "It's a normal pretzel."

    With confidence, I can assure potential visitors to Bavaria that charred, burnt pretzels are not the norm there today. In fact, they're quite tasty. Although I pick the salt crystals off because...well, they're just too salty for me. The link also tells me pretzels are supposed to represent monks with their arms crossed, which is something I never knew. I feel pretty bad about eating all those monks now. :)

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