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Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by Chrishope, Sep 27, 2009.

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    It seems like we just go 'round and 'round here. We can't really do anything else, the case is cold - very cold. IMO it will never be solved.

    So why go over the RN again? Because new people are always coming here.

    I don't want to get into handwriting analysis (people accept/reject evidence as they wish, depending on whether or not if fits their theory) nor do I want to get into the wacky world of whether some phrase sounds military or doesn't sound military, whether it sound motherly or not, and so on.

    My emphasis is simply to ask myself, as an ameteur detective why there would be a RN and a dead body.

    The short answer of course is there would not be a RN and a dead body in close proximity - either in place or time. It's elementary that the ransom cannot be collected if the body is found before the time for delivery of the ransom.

    Kidnappers will of course kill their victims, but then the body would have to be hidden in order to keep up the illusion that JBR was still alive. The body was not well hidden here - in the sense of making sure it isn't found for a couple days, until the ransom can be delivered.

    No matter how one interprets the dating of the RN, the call -giving instructions on where/how to deliver the ransom- was to come later, and the body being in the basement made it highly probable that it would be found before the call came in.

    Any reasonable detective would have to assume, just from the fact of the body and the note being found in close proximity, and within a few hours of each other, that there was no serious attempt at kidnapping for ransom. e.g. the RN is a fake.

    To go further leads us down familiar trails, and I'll leave that for others, if they wish. My emphasis is that we know with as much certainty as is humanly possible that the RN is a fake. There was no serious attempt at a kidnapping for ransom, otherwise the body would have been well hidden, probably well away from the house, in such a way that it would take days (or longer) to find it.
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