The Rules: Leah Remini - Scientology and the Aftermath

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    Make this the sticky for the rules of this discussion

    This discussion forum is loosely based on the A&E Series Leah Remini - Scientolgy and the Aftermath which takes a look at Scientology from the perspective of former members who are outspoken about the church and its practices.

    You may not engage in debate about Scientology's religious beliefs. This discussion is to center on Scientology's policies, practices, financial structure, and items found in the public domain pertianing to those topics.

    Please keep discussion of each episode to the thread devoted to that episode.

    For other discussion not specific to one episode post in the more topical threads devoted to those items or individuals.

    A number of books and documentaries critical of Scientology have been published and produced over the years in addition to the current A&E series.
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