Theories on possible Cleveland active serial killer?

Discussion in 'East Cleveland, Cuyahoga County' started by LaRojaPyramid, Feb 21, 2020.

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    I have watched the "LISK" documentary series a few times, and keep coming back to the Cleveland portion of the series. The bodies showing up in empty homes.

    Does anyone have nay views, opinions or theories on this at all?

    I am considering compiling information to create a blog on all of this. If there is an element of truth or total truth attached to this, a spotlight needs to be shone on it.

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    Have you checked out the Murder Accountability Project? They got involved after the Defreeze case and included Cleveland in their database. It shows you murder cluster areas and provides with different info you can sort by. You can manipulate the data on their website to see statistics and such. They also discussed how many active serial killers they believe are active in a different article. Here is their main website Murder Accountability Project

    Here's the info about Cleveland Murder Accountability Project: MAP analysis of Cleveland's unsolved female murders

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